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Trenitalia introduces new baggage rules for those traveling with Frecce

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Trenitalia introduces new baggage rules for those traveling with Frecce

ROME. U-turn. Following consumer protests, Trenitalia has suspended limitations on the number and size of luggage on board the Frecce trains. A measure announced from tomorrow, March 1st. Consequently, the fines were also cancelled.

What did the new regulation provide?
On the Frecce there was a limit on the number of bags. Maximum two per passenger. For those traveling in second classand under the “Standard” and “Premium” conditions, the sum of length, width and depth of the suitcase it was set at 161 centimeters, with an additional constraint: each of the three dimensions still had to be less than or equal to 80 centimeters. To those who choose the ticket instead first classand the “Executive” and “Business” conditions would have been granted a little more space: the sum of the total dimensions of the baggage (“including pockets, wheels and handles”, Trenitalia specified) set at 183 centimeters, with each maximum size of 120 centimetres.

Luggage in addition to the suitcase
It would have been possible to transport skis, prams, strollers, musical instruments, bicycles (“all types, provided they are disassembled and/or foldable”) e electric scooters in addition to the number of pieces of luggage allowed, but also in this case with a size limit: «The sum of the total dimensions of skis, prams, strollers and musical instruments – Trenitalia had communicated – must not exceed 200 centimeters (length plus width more depth), and the dimensions of the bag in which to transport the bicycle or electric scooter cannot be greater than 80x110x45 centimetres”.

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The identification labels
A small revolution on board, suspended before being born. On each piece of baggage, Trenitalia invited you to «place aclear and legible label with name and reference contacts». It is mandatory – but in reality this rule has always been valid for travel safety – to place suitcases or backpacks exclusively in the dedicated spaces, never near the train access doors, in the vestibules and transit corridors. Finally, a ban on packaging and transporting material intended for retail sale.

The restrictions were decided following extreme behavior on the opposite side: situations which – more than once – put the safety of travelers at risk, or caused damage within the convoys. In short, the objective was to put a stop to excesses, also in view of the summer and the ever-increasing number of passengers on the high-speed lines.

Failure to comply with the new rules would have had a cost: 50 euros MORE plus the obligation to «provide for the traveler to unload your luggage at the first station in which the train stops”. Basically, getting off the train.

Assoutenti’s satisfaction
Assoutenti expresses «satisfaction with Trenitalia’s decision to suspend the application of the new regulation, which would have started tomorrow 1 March, on the subject of luggage and the transport of bicycles and scooters». “We appreciate the company’s choice to postpone the start of the new measures pending the discussion with the consumer associations which will be held on March 6th”, says president Gabriele Melluso in a note. «In recent days Assoutenti himself had written to Trenitalia asking to postpone the application of the new rules on luggage, bikes and scooters, discussing with consumers to make the measures on limits on baggage dimensions and on bikes and scooters more sustainable and above all more compatible with travellers’ needs. Some rules that would come into force tomorrow appeared excessive and, although aware of the need to combat incorrect behavior on board trains, we highlighted how greater balance was needed.” Now, concludes Assoutenti, “we will work together with the company to improve the rules in the interest of passengers and commuters”.

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