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Tuesday December 5: Dollar Exchange Rate Rises Again

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Tuesday December 5: Dollar Exchange Rate Rises Again

The exchange rate for the dollar rose at the close of this day, Tuesday, December 5. The Central Reserve Bank (BCR) reported that the exchange rate increased from S/ 3.75 to S/ 3.76 at the interbank level, marking a rise of over 0.21% in the Peruvian market. This is the second consecutive day of an increase in the dollar’s price. The rise comes amid speculation that the United States Federal Reserve (FED) will soon cut interest rates. In the United States, the dollar also rose slightly despite a drop in the yield on US Treasury bonds. Investors are awaiting new US economic data, particularly the results on agricultural payrolls published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The purchase and sale prices of the dollar in exchange offices and the informal currency exchange market have also been indicated. Money changers buy the dollar at S/ 3.74 and sell it at S/ 3.77 on average, while in digital exchange houses, the greenback is bought at approximately S/ 3.75 and sold at around S/ 3.76. It is expected that this price will remain until tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. when the exchange market begins to move again.

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