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Universal card stacking combination, the new features of HarmonyOS 3 UX make people addicted_Users_Desktop_Dimensions

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Universal card stacking combination, the new features of HarmonyOS 3 UX make people addicted_Users_Desktop_Dimensions

Original title: Universal card stacking combination, the new features of HarmonyOS 3 UX make people addicted

On July 27, the HarmonyOS 3 and Huawei full-scene new product launch conference was officially held. The new HarmonyOS 3 system brought a series of Huawei’s blockbuster products to meet consumers. As the highlight of this conference, HarmonyOS 3 brings a lot of new gameplay and new experiences to users, especially in terms of UX interaction, HarmonyOS 3 goes further than HarmonyOS 2, introducing a brand-new universal card stacking combination, which can be adjusted at will. Folders, smarter desktop layouts and unique self-made images make the desktop more personalized and service acquisition more efficient.

Brand new card holder, card stacking and combination make the desktop more tidy

In HarmonyOS 2, the universal card has become one of the favorite functions of users due to its flexible, practical, and installation-free convenient experience. For more than a year, as more and more cards are added to the desktop, the sorting and storage of cards has become a new problem. To this end, HarmonyOS 3 has launched a card holder, which brings card stacking and combination functions.

After upgrading HarmonyOS, if you want to put cards of the same size on the same screen, you can use the card stacking method. When the user opens the stack, all cards will be presented in the form of waterfall flow, and swiping up and down can realize quick editing and viewing. For cards of different sizes, the new card combination function supports the classification of service cards and application shortcuts of different sizes, and free assembly and combination. For example, shortcuts for sports health, clock and music can be combined into one card, which is more convenient to use. ; At the same time, the card combination can be edited after a long press, showing individuality and keeping the desktop in good order. In addition, the system also presets a variety of combination templates for users to choose and use easily.

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In order to further meet users’ needs for card personalization, in HarmonyOS 3, users can also adjust the shape, color, stickers, text and other elements of commonly used cards, and customize their favorite cards more deeply.

Smart folder size can be adjusted at will, efficient use of desktop space

Smart Folder, which debuted on HarmonyOS 2, is well-received by users for its combination of desktop organization and quick access. Compared with the previous generation, the folder of HarmonyOS 3 provides more size options, adding different sizes such as 1*2, 2*4, 2*1, etc., users only need to long press the folder and pull the edge, and you can do whatever you want. Adjust the size of the folder.

In the process of resizing, the number of applications displayed in the folder will also change, no matter the number of applications, you can find a suitable size for storage, so as to use the desktop space more efficiently.

Smart desktop layout, one-click selection can be changed

As we all know, it takes a lot of time and energy to decorate and arrange the mobile phone desktop. To this end, HarmonyOS 3 brings users a smart desktop layout, allowing users to easily and conveniently create a personalized desktop.

The system provides users with two smart layouts for multi-screen layout. One is to classify applications and cards of the same color on the same screen, so that one screen and one color are more beautiful; the second is to use the Function classification, arranged according to different categories such as life, social information, food travel, etc., one screen and one scene, it is more convenient to find applications. For a single screen, HarmonyOS 3 also provides a variety of templates. Users only need to click “Change” on the desktop editing layout interface to automatically change the current desktop layout.

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A new self-made image, showing unique personality in all aspects

As a major new feature this time, HarmonyOS 3’s Huawei account self-created image, by creating a personalized virtual image for users, brings a new way of personalized dress up. The new HUAWEI ID self-created image not only supports the creation of existing templates, but also creates a unique avatar for users based on 130+ facial feature points and through Huawei’s unique automatic calculation and generation algorithm based on photos taken or imported by users.

Users can use the self-made image for HUAWEI ID and other application avatars and screen-off display animations, and at the same time, they can also form self-made image expressions through the Xiaoyi input method, making WeChat chat more interesting.

Last year, the new interaction design brought by the release of HarmonyOS 2 brought a unique experience to Huawei users. Now, the UX interaction design of HarmonyOS 3 has evolved again, with a new stacking combination of universal cards, folders that can be adjusted at will, smart desktop layouts, and unique self-made images. A series of important functions bring users a more personalized experience. . If your device supports the updated beta early adopter version, then hurry up and upgrade the experience! Welcome to discuss in the comment area, more about the new ways of playing HarmonyOS 3 in terms of UX interaction.Return to Sohu, see more


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