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VAT matches, the pressing for the extension to 20 July is on the increase

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VAT matches, the pressing for the extension to 20 July is on the increase

The pressing has already started and is destined to intensify in the coming days. For VAT numbers within the perimeter of the tax report cards or in the flat-rate regime, the National Council of Accountants has moved to obtain a 20-day extension of payments due on June 30th and thus bring the deadline to July 20th.

“We have already taken action,” explains the national treasurer councilor with responsibility for taxation, Salvatore Regalbuto, and discussions are underway with both the Ministry of the Economy and the Revenue Agency. An extension which, in the opinion of the accountants, is explained by the delay with which the decree on the ISA corrective measures was disseminated: although it was signed on 28 April, it was in fact published in the “Official Gazette” on 16 May. In fact, too little time compared to the payment deadline of 30 June to familiarize yourself with the new features introduced, especially with a view to fully understanding the “Your Isa” software, the first version of which was released by the Revenue on its website on April 28.

4.5 million taxpayers involved

For accountants, therefore, a postponement of the deadlines is necessary. Just to understand the orders of magnitude in the field, almost 4.5 million taxpayers would be involved between companies and professionals subject to the ISA and VAT numbers in the flat-rate regime (in addition to those remaining in the old minimums). A strength in numerical terms, which however also underlies a difficulty on the public accounts side because given the breadth of the audience it would be a question of shifting the cash effects of the payments to the following quarter. For this reason, the instrument of the Dpcm (decree of the President of the Council of Ministers), through which the extension to travel to 20 July, should in any case receive the OK from the Accounting Department. Furthermore, the domino triggered by the extension to 20 July would make it possible to pay with the 0.40% surcharge by 21 August (20 August is Sunday), i.e. the resumption of obligations after the suspension for the first part of the month of August.

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The pressing of the trade unions

The question of a greater margin of time available to companies, the self-employed and professionals for tax payments due on June 30 is strongly felt by accountants. Suffice it to say that the trade unions (Adc, Aidc, Anc, Andoc, Fiddoc, Sic, Unagraco, Unico and Ungdcec) in the joint document presented to the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday to the majority and opposition parliamentarians set among the priorities for intervention “the need to move the deadline of June 30 for the payment of taxes by the subjects for which the application of the ISA indices is envisaged, thus ensuring full compliance with the taxpayer’s statute”.

Moreover, the calendar for the next few days promises to be very busy: the only deadlines recorded by the Revenue for the month of June are 115, with over 91% represented by payments. To these, then, are added the local taxes, in the first place the payment of the IMU by 16 June. But there are also appointments linked to “extraordinary” regulations: this is the case with the request for scrapping quater, which expires on 30 June.

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