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Well-known financial institution sues Zhao Wei and his wife Shi Yuzhu for implicated | Huang Youlong | Sued | Guarantee contract dispute

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[Epoch Times October 12, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Fang Xiao) Mainland movie star Zhao Wei is in trouble again. Well-known financial institutions sued Zhao Wei and his wife, and the court will open next month. Shi Yuzhu, chairman of Giant Network Group, is also involved.

According to the “Daily Economic News” report, recently, China Minsheng Trust Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Minsheng Trust”) brought Zhao Wei, her husband Huang Youlong, and Shi Yuzhu, chairman of Giant Network Group, to court.

According to the court announcement on October 9th, the cause of this case is a dispute over a “guarantee contract”, and it is expected to be heard in Beijing’s Fourth Intermediate Court on November 8.

Public information shows that Minsheng Trust is an investment institution under Oceanwide Group, formerly known as China Tourism International Trust and Investment Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 7 billion yuan, and the controlling shareholder is Wuhan Central Business District Co., Ltd.

According to the report, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the Mainland, a “guarantee contract” refers to a contract in which the guarantor and the creditor agree that when the debtor fails to perform the debt, the guarantor shall perform the debt or assume the responsibility in accordance with the agreement.

“Guarantee contract” disputes refer to disputes arising from the contract signed by the guarantor and the creditor when the principal creditor fails to perform its debts, and the guarantor performs the debts or assumes the liabilities in accordance with the agreement.

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When determining the cause of the case, if the parties file a lawsuit on the main contract and the guarantee contract at the same time, the main contract shall be used to determine the cause of the case, and the “guarantee contract dispute” case does not apply.

Minsheng Trust and Zhao Wei had a lawsuit earlier. In June of this year, Minsheng Trust sued Zhao Wei and Hebao Entertainment Group Co., Ltd. The cause of the case was also a guarantee contract dispute. Public information shows that Zhao Wei’s 4.15% equity in Hebao Entertainment has been frozen, and the funds involved are RMB 5 million.

In addition, the equity of many companies under Zhao Wei’s name has also been frozen. Among the seven companies currently in existence by Zhao Wei, the equity of five companies has been frozen in April this year, and Huang Youlong is also burdened with many debt disputes.

At the end of August this year, Zhao Wei was suddenly completely blocked by the mainland Internet, and all her works were removed from the shelves. But the official has never announced the reason for banning Zhao Wei.

On September 6, the official newspaper of the Political and Legal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Rule of Law Daily, published a special report, mentioning a series of “stars staged to promote stock market myths” in 2016, named Longwei Media, established by Zhao Wei and Huang Youlong, and tried to make a high price of 3.06 billion yuan. Acquired Wanjia Culture, a listed company.

The new media matrix of Nanfengchuang under the management of Guangzhou Daily News Group, Yan Finance, issued an article, starting with “Zhao Wei’s 20-year capital layout”.

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Last week, the mainland Weibo publicized a list of 25 people who “banned troubled artists from all channels,” including 21 men and 4 women. The list was divided into three categories: “political issues”, “violation of law and discipline,” and “disregarding morality.” The “Political Issues” column is headed by Zhao Wei, followed by Zhang Zhehan, an entertainer from its “Princes” company, and the naturalized Swedish male star Zhao Lixin.

Although the list has not been verified, according to investigations, the Weibo of Zhang Zhehan, Zhao Lixin and others have been banned. Since Zhao Wei’s works were all taken off the shelves on August 26, Weibo Chaohua has been closed. Although her personal Weibo has not been banned, the last Weibo stayed on the one forwarded on August 15.

Shi Yuzhu is currently the chairman of Giant Network Group. In 1994, he invested in health products, and the first product was “Brain Gold”; in 1997, he launched the health product “Brain Platinum” with great success; in 2004, he invested in online games. In April 2021, the Forbes Global Rich List was released, and Shi Yuzhu and his family ranked 421st in the “2021 Forbes Global Rich List” with a fortune of US$6.3 billion.

On August 24, 2021, Lu Media reported that Tianyancha App showed that Shi Yuzhu’s equity was frozen again recently. The subject of the frozen equity was Hangzhou Yunxi Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), and the execution court was the Beijing Financial Court. The amount of frozen equity was frozen. It is 65 million yuan, and the freeze period is until August 2024.

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