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What about Android apps that Windows 11 says?Microsoft is silent

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Windows 11 is finally officially released. For many users, the most attractive aspect of the new system is that it supports running Android apps.

Although there are already many devices and systems that can do this, such as Huawei notebooks, such as Tongxin UOS and other domestic systems, Windows native support should have a better experience.

but,MicrosoftExcept for the confirmation that the Android App will not be supported in the first release of Windows 11 and will arrive later this year, no clear time point has been given, especially now that Windows 11 is pushed.MicrosoftNo further news was given.

This undoubtedly makes people doubt the progress and weight of Windows 11 Android support, especially since Windows 10.MicrosoftAll kinds of performances exacerbated this suspicion.

I can only say, keep waiting.

In addition, Microsoft announced three known compatibility issues with Windows 11. It is worth noting thatThe Intel Killer series network card will have the problem of slow network speed, The reason is that the UDP protocol is used incorrectly in some cases, but there is no solution yet, so you can only temporarily do not install Windows 11.

(Article Source: Fast Technology)


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