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Which are the most “resilient” in the first day of the delisting stock consolidation period? |Delisting_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Which are the most “resilient” in the first day of the delisting stock consolidation period? |Delisting_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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  Original title: The first day of the delisting stock consolidation period frequently plummeted, which ones are the most “defeating”?

  reporter | Pang Yu

Recently, many stocks that were forcibly delisted began to enter the delisting adjustment period. Most of the delisted stocks fell sharply on the first day of the delisting consolidation period, and there were also a few stocks with higher net assets that were relatively “resilient”.

  5moon26Day,ECCOM withdraws(rights protection) (000687.SZ)、Delisting is easy to see(rights protection) (600093.SH) began to enter the delisting adjustment period.In early trading that day, ECCOM retreated and opened lower50%delisting is easy to see low opening35.90%.As of the close, ECCOM retreated53.03%delisting is easy to see decline48.72%

The stock price performance of delisted stocks that have entered the delisting adjustment period on May 26 Source: Flush

Delisted stocks fell differently

*ST Huaxun and *ST Yijian received the decision of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange on May 18, 2022 to terminate the listing of the company’s stocks. The starting date of the delisting arrangement period is May 26, 2022, and the expected last trading day is June 16.

It is understood that *ST ECCOM was delisted because it touched three financial indicators in the audit report with negative net profit and operating income of less than 100 million yuan in 2021, negative net assets at the end of the period and a negative opinion was issued. *ST Yijian was delisted because its net assets at the end of 2021 were negative and an audit report with no opinion was issued.

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On the previous day, 6 stocks entered the delisting adjustment period, namelyDelisted Changyu(600275.SH)、Delisting Lawton(rights protection) (600209.SH),Delisting Minco(600091.SH)、Delisting for a long time(600652.SH)、Delisted middle house(600890.SH)、Delisting Zhongtian(Human Rights) (600856.SH)), among them, 4 closed down around 60%, and delisted Mingke and delisted Youjiu were more “resilient”, down 8% and 22% respectively.

The stock prices of these delisted stocks fell sharply on the first day of the delisting consolidation period, but the declines of individual stocks varied greatly.

Shen Meng, director of Chanson Capital, told Jiemian News that different reasons for delisting make the company’s prospects different after delisting. “Some delisted companies are less likely to undergo asset restructuring or re-listing due to operational reasons. Therefore, in the time window of the delisting consolidation board, investors will compete to withdraw, which will lead to a rapid decline in stock prices. And some of the companies that lost hope of reorganization and their stock prices have shrunk significantly in the A-share market, even if they enter the delisting and sorting board, there is no more room for decline.”

As for the degree of decline, Shen Meng believes that this is also related to factors such as the company’s net asset status. “Although some delisted stocks still have the potential to return to the capital market after reorganization, they belong to the gold rush in the sand, and the opportunity is very small.”

The data shows that among the above-mentioned 8 stocks that have recently entered the delisting consolidation period, the delisted Minke and the delisted Youjiu, whose stock prices have fallen relatively little, have net assets per share as of the first quarter of this year.1.89Genna2.00Yuan, the performance is relatively outstanding.

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Which delisted stocks have net assets per share greater than 1?

Data show that the number of delisted stocks this year will hit a record high.

Dong Dengxin, director of the Institute of Finance and Securities at Wuhan University of Science and Technology, told Jiemian News that the whole pattern of A-share delisting has undergone major changes after the registration system reform. From 2019 to 2021, the number of companies forcibly delisted has increased year by year, and it is expected that the number of companies that will be forcibly delisted this year will exceed 30.

On the evening of May 25th,*ST Universal(rights protection) (600146.SH),*ST Prima(600870.SH) announced delisting. So far, according to Jiemian News, 23 companies have been terminated from listing this year.

In terms of the reasons for delisting, 19 companies were delisted due to their financial failure The daily closing price of the stock for 20 trading days was below 1 yuan, and the delisting Xinyi (600145.SH) was forcibly delisted due to major violations of the law.In addition, due to negative net assets for two consecutive years, the listing has been suspended since April 29, 2019Germany and Austria(002260.SZ) was delisted after the application for resumption of listing failed.

Jiemian News found that among the 23 companies currently delisting, 13 have positive net assets per share, including delisting Youjiu, delisting Mingke,Delisting Xishui(600291.SH)、*ST Danbon(Protection) (002618.SZ) The net assets per share are more than 1 yuan and the latest closing price is less than the net assets per share.

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On May 31st, *ST Danbang,*ST St. Lai(rights protection) (002473.SZ),*ST Tempong(Protection) (300178.SZ) The three companies will enter the delisting period. As of the first quarter of this year, the net assets per share were 1.61 yuan, 0.11 yuan and -2.10 yuan respectively, and the closing prices before the resumption of trading were 1.09 yuan per share. , 5.19 yuan and 0.80 yuan.

  *st Cody(rights protection) (002770.SZ),*ST Shin Kong(Protection) (002147.SZ) will enter the delisting consolidation period on June 1. The net assets per share of these two companies as of the first quarter of this year were 0.18 yuan and 0.03 yuan respectively, and the closing prices before the resumption of trading were 2.37 yuan and 3.14 yuan. Yuan.

  *STglobal(600146.SH)、*STPrima China (600870.SH) will be6moon2Entering the delisting adjustment period, among which,*STXoceco’s net assets as of the first quarter of this year were per share0.02Yuan, reported per share before resumption of trading3.55Yuan.

Mapping: Interface NewsMapping: Interface News

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