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Will it be possible to book the 49 euro ticket?

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Will it be possible to book the 49 euro ticket?

Will one day also be able to buy ICE tickets from Freenow?
We are clearly concentrating on urban mobility and not on long-distance transport. It would be similar with tickets for long-distance buses, which we also do not offer. In addition, the train is also rather restrictive for ICE tickets. With our Mobility Benefits Card, we recently launched a product that makes it possible to book all mobility offers via Freenow outside of our app, including ICE tickets.

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Freenow arranges taxi rides, e-scooters, electric bikes, car-sharing vehicles and rental cars with licensed drivers, so-called ride-hailing. How much does each segment contribute to total sales, what is the most important segment?
Our backbone is definitely the taxi and ride hailing business. The company started 14 years ago, and that accounts for between 70 and 80 percent of our sales. The business has grown by around 50 percent in the past year. At the same time, the new mobility sector, for example in Germany, has more than tripled. The distribution depends heavily on the city and the season. When the weather is bad, taxis and car sharing are in greater demand. When the weather is good, it’s electric scooters and electric bikes.

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