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Wisdom cloud network wing creates the future, China Telecom participates in the 2023 Industrial Internet Conference|Industrial Internet|China Telecom|5G_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Wisdom cloud network wing creates the future, China Telecom participates in the 2023 Industrial Internet Conference|Industrial Internet|China Telecom|5G_Sina Technology_Sina.com

On June 15, the 2023 Industrial Internet Conference with the theme of “Integrating Data and Reality with Digital Intelligence Empowerment—Promoting New Industrialization with High Quality” was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. Xia Bing, deputy general manager of China Telecom, attended the conference and delivered a speech on the theme of “Sunac Cloud Intelligence, Empowering New Industries” in the industrial Internet trend insight and path exploration summit dialogue.

Xia Bing said that China Telecom, as the main force and national team in building a network power and digital China, and maintaining network information security, actively promotes the construction of digital information infrastructure with cloud-network integration as the core feature, especially in the field of industrial Internet, focusing on computing Focus on key business process optimization such as “research, production, supply and marketing services” and focus on exploration and practice in three aspects:

The first is the integration of cloud and network computing to consolidate the industrial digital base.The industrial digital base is an important support and carrier for the implementation of the new infrastructure construction of the industrial Internet. China Telecom leverages the advantages of basic telecom operators,Build an autonomous and controllable cloud base,E-surfing Cloud 4.0 breaks through the “stuck neck” technologies such as cloud operating system, ultra-large-scale computing scheduling, and storage engine to meet the application needs of industrial customers for high availability, data localization, and ultra-low latency “central edge”. At present, Tianyi Cloud has taken shape as a national cloud framework, and is building a SASAC industry cloud platform including chemical cloud and electronic cloud.Create a high-performance network that meets the needs of industrial scenarios,Based on the characteristics of tailor-made, wide coverage, low latency, and high reliability of 5G customized networks, the independent research and development and operation of 5G customized network industrial Internet public service platforms can meet the differentiated network construction, networking, and user requirements of production lines, workshops, and factories. Provide diversified cloud-network integration solutions for industry customers.Launch a comprehensive and rich computing power service,China Telecom’s self-developed computing power scheduling platform has initially possessed the ability to provide large-scale services to industrial customers. We have launched high-performance general computing, intelligent computing, and super computing product services, and built a computing power layout system of “one city, one pool”. Meet customers’ needs for efficient processing of all elements of the industrial Internet and all-scenario data.

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The second is to go hand in hand with collection and application to release the value of industrial data.Opening up industrial data collection and building a data closed loop is the breakthrough and core key to provide real-time dynamic intelligent services for enterprises. China Telecom has the ability to provide all-factor and full-process service capabilities for data value enhancement in the industrial Internet field. In terms of data acquisition, the self-developed digital acquisition gateway with massive protocol adaptation and ultra-high processing performance has been launched, and the first industrial control system based on 5G cloud-edge collaboration has been developed to realize industrial control software and hardware, heterogeneous equipment, terminal-edge cloud, etc. The unified control of multi-dimensional data collection helps enterprises to flexibly produce and upgrade intelligently. In terms of data aggregation, through industrial big data capabilities, it helps customers break down data barriers and realize data governance, aggregation, and sharing. And on this basis, it took the lead in building the National Industrial Internet Big Data Center, which has connected 41 industrial Internet platforms, providing strong data support for the “National Industry Game of Chess”. In terms of data application, build a data element integration service platform to convert raw data into data products. For example, in Hainan Province, a “data product supermarket” has been built, and cooperation and exchanges have been carried out with more than 600 enterprises and institutions. The transaction volume of desensitized data products has exceeded 100 million yuan, allowing industrial enterprises to form value on the basis of traditional manufacturing value creation.” Second Growth Curve”.

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The third is intelligent drive, integrated into the core industrial scene.The integration of artificial intelligence and multi-field technologies is the main theme of the future development of the industrial Internet. China Telecom focuses on the development of AI, and deploys ahead of schedule, possessing intelligent industry-scale service capabilities. On the one hand, it has built the foundation of artificial intelligence in the industrial field. At present, through a large amount of resources and R&D investment, it provides a four-level computing power network of “core, region, edge, and end” equipped with artificial intelligence products and capability models for the government, park, and factory sides, bringing together over a thousand AI Algorithms and thousands of intelligent models jointly empower the development of the Industrial Internet. On the other hand, breakthroughs in solutions for key core scenarios have been achieved. Through the invocation, reorganization, and reshaping of basic algorithms and models, it has broken through many core scene capabilities such as intelligent control of Heileng factory, visual quality inspection and predictive maintenance, unmanned driving and safe production, intelligent scheduling and flexible manufacturing. Solutions that truly empower core scenarios. In Nanjing, China Telecom and ZTE have built the world‘s largest global 5G smart manufacturing base of “making 5G with 5G”. The base has realized more than 100 kinds of applications, shortening the launch cycle of new products by 20%, and reducing defective products by 65%.

As one of the cooperation units of this conference, China Telecom held a theme forum on the integration and application of the industrial Internet and the mining industry. Focusing on the theme of the industrial Internet helping the safe and high-quality development of the mining industry, China Telecom invited industry authoritative experts and business representatives to gain insight into the latest development trends of the industry and summarize Advanced technology and application exploration experience.

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Xia Bing said in his speech that China Telecom continues to promote and serve the digital transformation of mines, relying on the cloud network infrastructure base, using the mine digital platform as the carrier, and taking intelligent applications as the starting point, giving full play to the advantages of localized services, and working together Ecological partners, lead and participate in the intelligent transformation of 5G mines nationwide, accounting for more than 50% of the total number of mines that have carried out 5G intelligent transformation, and have created a number of national industry benchmarks. In the next step, we will adhere to self-reliance and self-reliance in science and technology, and continue to deeply integrate core capabilities such as 5G, big data, cloud-side infrastructure, and AI with production scenarios and actual needs in the mining field; Empower the digital transformation of the coal industry; continue to promote ecological prosperity, and create and win-win with customers and partners in the era of digital economy.

In this Industrial Internet Achievement Exhibition, China Telecom’s booth took “Smart Cloud Network, Wings to Create the Future” as the theme, and set up three partitions: Industrial Cloud Network, Smart Park, and Fully Connected Factory, fully displaying industrial full-stack capabilities, industrial 5G The innovative applications and excellent cases of customized network, smart park platform, industrial brain, smart factory, fully connected factory, 5G virtual power plant, smart mine platform, smart photovoltaic cloud and smart food cloud platform fully demonstrate China Telecom’s brave responsibility, Actively implement the strategy of cloud-to-digital transformation, accelerate the infrastructure construction of cloud-network integration, build an industrial Internet smart platform, and promote the application of “5G + industrial Internet” to come into being.

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