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Women and technology, so a radar discovers the secrets of using the smartphone

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The relationship of women with technology in all areas: from work, home and leisure. This is the theme explored by Samsung Electronics Italia with the new Trend Radar, developed in collaboration with GWI, a market research institute specializing in digital consumer behavior. A study involving 570 women active on the web, aged between 16 and 64, carried out through online questionnaires. What emerged?

The versatility of the technology is highlighted in the first place by the multiplicity of devices owned by users: lo smartphone it is essential for all, unlike tablets and PCs, which are useful tools especially for the younger age groups. At the center of the attention of consumers also smart TVs, which are configured as a means for different experiences, from entertainment to information without forgetting sport.

Smart appliances are also appreciated by a target differentiated by age group: the younger one appreciates smart washing machines and dryers, thanks to their being approachable and practical products, while women in the 25-40 age segment prefer connected products capable of to enhance and optimize activities in the kitchen, as demonstrated by the choice of smart refrigerators and microwaves.

Although they are not among the most owned devices, the multiple benefits enclosed by the category of smart appliances are evident, as also expressed by the analyzed sample: the reliability and practicality of a connected and technologically advanced home are common for the whole sample, which has different needs. In fact, if for the 16-24 age group the main benefit of smart appliances is to leave more free time for relaxation (33%), women in the 25-40 sample appreciate support in home care (34%) , and are more attentive to energy efficiency; the over 40 segment, on the other hand, pays particular attention to savings (30.5%). Furthermore, for all age groups, there is an interest in checking the status of their home even remotely using the appropriate devices. Having a smart home is also perceived as an asset even in the field of domestic organization: it makes it easier to share chores with other family members.

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There are really many daily activities, ranging from home, study / work and free time, which can be transformed thanks to the help of a tech ally. If the smartphone is now fundamental in the management of life at 360 °, from the use of social media to the management of work activities, there are other technological supports for more specific needs; for example, the smart band is essential during training sessions for 49% of the interviewees in the 25-40 age group.

For moments of leisure and relaxation, however, it is the smart TV that conquers the preferences of women of all age groups, reaching over 57% in the 16-24 age group. Gen Z appreciates and prefers the comforts and benefits of smart appliances, in particular for their ability to better manage the activities related to home care: according to the survey, among the favorites in this sense, the smart dryer stands out. , with 47.6% of preferences.

It is precisely these data that define, according to the all-female sample, the situations in which technology is more or less fundamental: the mix of different ages and needs contributes to creating a heterogeneous ranking, in which smart solutions permeate more and more every activity, helping to create new opportunities to be enjoyed to the fullest.

In the Millennial range (25-40), as also demonstrated in the preferences relating to devices, smartworking (52%) is the area in which technology is most important. In terms of more traditional uses, the over 40s follow, who in 34% of cases consider the devices to be very important in order to keep in touch with their loved ones. And when it comes to a more equitable division of tasks related to the home, between household chores and the organization of the various activities of the family, the conviction that technology is of great help is unanimous for all age groups: 47 thinks it, 6% of the respondents belonging to Gen Z and 58.9% of Millennials, with which also the over 40s agree, with their 47.3%.

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The interest and consideration of technology on all age groups interviewed is growing, and there are various benefits recognized for connected devices, both in the workplace and at home, as well as in leisure: technology is an important ally for women, able to help them to affirm and enhance themselves at any time of their life.

This evidence also comes to life through the most recent Samsung project dedicated to the female universe, the Donne Connesse podcast: developed in 6 episodes, it tells the life behind the screen of 14 protagonists, including digital entrepreneurs, creators and influencers, revealing how technology every day you support them in reconciling passions, work, affections, social and private life and revealing the secrets of their ‘always on’ approach, always accompanied by a good dose of irony. After the success of the first release, consisting of the first three episodes dedicated to Love & Relationships, Beauty and Job, the last three full episodes are now available, exploring the themes related to Health & Wellbeing, Gaming and Family, pursuing a philosophy of truly empowering and constructive technology.

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