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Xiaomi Motors Sets Plans for Development of Extended-Range Electric Vehicles

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Xiaomi Motors to Develop Extended-Range Electric Vehicles, Plans Underway

In an exciting development, Xiaomi Motors has decided to enter the extended-range electric vehicle market. Multiple sources familiar with the matter have revealed that the company has already initiated plans to develop related products and is actively seeking breakthrough points in this segment. Xiaomi Motors has even posted job listings on its recruitment platform, specifically seeking professionals in range-extended system design and development, fuel system engineering, exhaust system engineering, and other positions related to extended-range electric vehicles.

Insiders have disclosed that Xiaomi Motors is currently working on the development of multiple generations of platforms. The first-generation platform is expected to be launched next year, while the second-generation platform is scheduled for release in 2025. Based on this timeline, the launch of extended-range vehicles is likely to occur after the second-generation platform.

Upon discovering this exciting information, our reporter reached out to Xiaomi Group for confirmation. However, as of press time, no response has been received.

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