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14 Scandinavian-style bedrooms to inspire you

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14 Scandinavian-style bedrooms to inspire you

For those who like a decoration more clean, Scandinavian style rooms They are great inspiration. But do you know the difference between Scandinavian and minimalist style?

These are the elements that make up environments that are markedly clean and have good circulation spaces. In the decoration inspired by Nordic countries, the presence of plants, wood and, of course, a cozy color palette is essential. While in minimalism It is possible to move more freely between colors and coverings.

If you like the style, be sure to look at our selection of Scandinavian living rooms. And below, check out a special curation of rooms with this elegant style!

How to decorate your bedroom with the Scandinavian style

Project by Si Saccab (Evelyn Muller/Disclosure)

The architect Yes Saccab created a calm atmosphere with materials in light tones, characteristic of the Scandinavian style. To complement this, the landscaping brought a touch of green through the vertical garden and potted plants, creating a cozy and relaxing corner to read a book or simply enjoy the view.

Project by Alexandre Dal Fabbro (Renato Navarro/Disclosure)

A cozy and clean room was the residents’ request to the architect Alexandre Dal Fabbro. To this end, the professional focused on materiality with wooden floors, natural linen fabrics and neutral tones. The result couldn’t be more Scandinavian!

Project by Nildo José (Denilson Machado/Disclosure)

In the environment designed by the architect Nildo José, the low bed, an extra soft model from Gervasoni, has a design with a lot of personality. Behind it, the joinery panel was designed by the office with uneven rulers and a matte lacquer panel. A touch of color, but without losing the Nordic inspiration of the view!

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Continues after advertising Project by Rosangela Pena (Sidney Doll/Disclosure)

The white gradients are the backdrop for choices such as the delicate side table, the straw recamier at the foot of the bed, the woody nature of the armchair, the floor lamp for the reading corner and the natural fiber of the rug, pendant and sconces. . Project signed by the architect Rosângela Pena.

Project by Estúdio Minke (Maira Acayaba/Disclosure)

Since the construction company handed over the apartment, the couple of young residents were looking for light solutions that would bring their identity and freshness to their new home. In the couple’s bedroom, the Minke Studio He opted for combining minimalist aesthetics with light wood to bring comfort and spaciousness. The result, of course, is a Scandinavian-style room.

Project by Estúdio Pluri (Estúdio Pluri/Disclosure)

Signed by Pluri StudioIt is baby’s room it was designed to be a calm, soft and neutral environment. The wooden crib brings an allusion to the classic, but revised and cheerful, allowing the subtle addition of color to the walls. A crochet mobile above the crib adds playful delicacy, while the timeless, Scandinavian design provides a light atmosphere, creating a perfect environment for the first moments of life.

Project by Studio Huma e Grecco (Fernando Crescenti/Disclosure)

In this Scandinavian-style double bedroom, the Studio Huma invested in custom carpentry with design and execution Grecco. The cabinet with TV built into the panel was designed to keep the device invisible and the space clean.

Project by Ateliê Concreto (Luiza Schreier/Disclosure)

To bring new texture to the white wall of the bedroom, the Concrete Atelier applied the brick covering, from Passeio, above the wooden headboard with hexagonal screen. The Link bed, by Franccino, complements the composition of textures. The reading sconces are from Reka.

Continues after advertising Project by Gabriella Machado Arquitetura (Gabriela Daltro/Disclosure)

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White walls, white linen curtains, light wood on the floor and furniture to bring a feeling of peace and tranquility. This is the fourth signed by Gabriella Machado. In the space, there are decorative objects created by Brazilian artisans.

Project by MAB3 Arquitetura (Ricardo Bassetti/Disclosure)

In office design MAB3, the highlight is the joinery where the bed and bench were fitted, also made to measure. The wallpaper was customized for the Scandinavian environment.

Project by Figueiredo Fisher Arquitetos (Ricardo Bassetti/Disclosure)

In the double bedroom signed by the office Figueiredo Fischer, the slatted panel on the headboard is the protagonist. The environment also has a work space requested by the client.

Project by Kobbi Cimerman Arquitetura (Renata D’Almeida/Disclosure)

The master suite with intelligent joinery expands the room’s storage spaces, but without weighing it down. The result is a timeless environment with a Scandinavian feel. Projects signed by the office Kobbi Zimmerman.

Project by Érica Salguero (Renato Navarro/Disclosure)

Conceived by Erica Salguero, the environment reveals itself to be an authentic sanctuary of tranquility, which incorporates the closet from Ornare’s Wire line. The cozy atmosphere created through the careful choice of neutral tones provides a welcoming and relaxing feeling, a perfect balance between Scandinavian simplicity and modernity.

Continues after advertising Project by Studio Ag (Fran Parente/Disclosure)

Architects Amanda Castro and Giovana Giosa, from the firm Studio AG, based the choice of coverings for the suite on softly contrasting the white walls with natural elements such as wood, concrete and straw, which refer to the Scandinavian style. This allusion appears in the colors and textures of the environment.

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