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Impact startup Silencio gets 1 million VC for noise level database

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Impact startup Silencio gets 1 million VC for noise level database

The Munich-based impact startup Silencio has completed pre-seed financing of $1 million. The Munich startup wants to use the fresh capital to build the world‘s largest noise level database.

Silencio positions itself as a decentralized network that aims to create a citizen science project to combat noise pollution by allowing users to share their ambient noise levels via the Silencio app.

Greentech Bavaria: Startup Silencio wants to build the world’s largest noise level database

The funding round was led by investors including Borderless Capital, Moonroch Capital, MV Global and Cogitent Ventures. They invested 925,000 euros ($1 million) to enable the startup to accelerate growth, improve data integrity and foster partnerships.

With the Silencio app, users worldwide can share their ambient noise levels and receive rewards for doing so.

Greentech Silencio Impact Startup 1 million VF Funding Financing Noise Protection App

Impact Startup Silencio: What problem is being addressed?

According to the World Economic Forum, 68% of the world‘s population will live in cities by 2050. This increase in residential population and mobility will present cities with security, health, access and mobility challenges. The result of this is noise and the associated effects on current and future communities.

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“Noise, along with air pollution, is one of the environmental pollutants most harmful to public health” (European Environment Agency).

Greentech Silencio Impact Startup 1 Million VF Funding Financing

Along with air pollution, noise is one of the biggest environmental impacts

Environmental noise has often been referred to as the “forgotten pollutant,” but is now recognized as an environmental and health issue that needs to be addressed in modern society.

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Noise pollution can have negative health effects ranging from annoyance and sleep deprivation to more serious problems such as hearing damage and cardiovascular disease. In fact, excessive exposure to environmental noise has been linked to a number of negative health effects in children, including cognitive impairment.



Silencio receives pre-seed funding

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