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Really fit: This is the effect of going for a walk every day

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Really fit: This is the effect of going for a walk every day

Would you like to do something for your health this Christmas, but your desire for workouts is rather limited? No problem! Read here why a relaxing walk a day is enough.

A daily walk around the block or in the park has a direct impact on your health – physical, mental and emotional. Even with a total of 180 minutes of exercise per week, you will notice positive effects.

Walk every day – and live longer

The health organizations Public Health England and the Royal College of General Practitioners found in a study that daily walking reduces the risk of dying early by 15 percent.

This is mainly because diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by strengthening the blood vessels and training the heart when walking.

Walking strengthens the immune system

Walks allow you to get plenty of fresh air and sunlight, which counteracts vitamin D deficiency and strengthens your immune system.

Active people have been proven to have more immune cells and are therefore much more able to counteract infections with viruses and bacteria.

The so-called forest bathing, the movement in forests and parks, stimulates even more natural killer cells and further strengthens this effect.

Walking is good for the psyche

But it’s not just your physical health that benefits from walking. Mental health is also improved. The movement stimulates blood circulation throughout the body.

This means more oxygen is transported to the brain. In addition, the fresh air absorbs more fresh oxygen anyway. The result is better memory and concentration performance.

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Walking reduces stress

Thirdly, walking not only benefits the body and mind but also the soul. You clear your head and can easily distract yourself from daily worries and stress.

Scientists at the University of Essex in Colchester were also able to prove that walking relaxes muscles and nerves and lowers blood pressure.

Fresh air lifts your mood

When you go for a walk, happiness hormones are released. The good mood you feel after a walk through the park is based on biological facts.

Walking every day helps you lose weight

The release of the happiness hormone serotonin also helps against cravings. This is one of the reasons why walking proves to be a useful activity if you want to lose weight. In addition, you burn calories almost unnoticed.

Walking promotes digestion

A few steps around the block can come in handy not only before eating but also afterward. After a meal, you may feel bloated, uncomfortably full, or even exhausted and tired.

A walk not only refreshes the mind, it also activates the abdominal muscles. The digestive organs are gently massaged while walking and the digestive juices are stimulated. This makes digestion easier and helps with a painful feeling of fullness.

Walking can relieve pain

Deeper pain such as back or hip pain, muscular tension or hardness can also be relieved by going for a walk.

Since all muscles and many joints in the body are stressed when walking, you strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system and ensure that the joints maintain their function. This way you can prevent movement pain even as you get older. The muscles continue to function as protection against injuries and chronic pain for a long time.

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Walking makes you look younger

Regular walks will also keep you looking young for longer. The skin is supplied with better blood and the skin cells are supplied with plenty of oxygen. This results in a beautiful, healthy complexion.

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