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2024 Spring and Summer Series Preview: RYODAN Showroom

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2024 Spring and Summer Series Preview: RYODAN Showroom

RYODAN Showroom Hosts Media Preview Event for 2024 Spring and Summer Series

RYODAN Showroom under Seiya Nakamura 2.24 recently held a media preview event for the 2024 spring and summer series, featuring a range of top brands including Baserange, CFCL, Courrèges, KIMHĒKIM, Mame Kurogouchi, MARINE SERRE, Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO, and Song for the Mute.

The event, which marked the fifth season of professional media previews, showcased the theme of “Gathering ‘Five’ Resonance”. It aimed to refine the aesthetics of the five senses, creating a full-sensory fashion experience that comprehensively displayed and conveyed the new season stories and inspirations of participating brands.

Baserange’s 2024 Spring and Summer Series focused on the extensive discussion of the body, while CFCL presented the new VOL.7 series with the theme of “New Land”, inspired by the strong energy of sunlight falling on dry land.

Courrèges showcased their “Rebellious Education” collection, while KIMHĒKIM’s “OBSESSION” series explored the charm of yin and yang. Mame Kurogouchi’s 2024 spring and summer series took “Fragments” as the theme, and MARINE SERRE’s collection focused on the theme of “HEARTBEAT”.

Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO built their 2024 Spring and Summer Series on the theme of “LO-FI VISON”, while Song for the Mute’s 24.1 series was inspired by “THE DREAMERS. DREAMING EYES OPEN.”

The event also featured YRGD, a fragrance brand, and ROOTED, a floral studio, as well as DJ LOCO, who provided energetic background music based on the season’s inspiration.

RYODAN By Seiya Nakamura 2.24 seeks to use “five” as a clue to guide industry professional audiences to deeply explore and understand the brand universe, creating an immersive creative field for each brand to show its unique story.

Founded with the hope of discovering the most interesting emerging talents and creative ideas by traveling around the world, Ryodan by Seiya Nakamura 2.24 has become an internationally influential base for fashion innovation elites and has established its unique position in Shanghai, Paris, and Tokyo Fashion Weeks.

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