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40 years of uninterrupted memory and democracy

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40 years of uninterrupted memory and democracy

we commemorate a new March 24ththe National Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice, and the fact that this year has a special quota is unavoidable: it is crossed by the 40 years of democracy that – presidential elections in a few months – we have been giving ourselves as a country and as a society.

As the date approached (and with the fixture of the National Team in hand, of course, ruminating on the real possibilities of getting a ticket), I also thought that we could receive the recent World Cup (the under-36s for the first time, but in reality the entire town) in circumstances that admit a more transparent, cleaner, purer celebration.

The ’78 World Cup was played, lived through (was it forged?) during the last civic-military dictatorship that Argentina suffered. At this point we all know that the screams of the goals in the Monumental silenced the heartbreaking ones that took place in the Capuchita of the former ESMA.
So, with that soccer backdrop in the background – and without intending to trivialize the date, quite the contrary – it is worth bearing in mind that 40 years of uninterrupted democracy are not celebrated every day.

Trial of the Juntas and the “cascade of justice”: how Latin America and Spain emerged from dictatorships

Much less knowing that we are a territory immersed in a Latin America that -unfortunately- knows of twists and turns, blows and resistance. The context, so often lacerated, tells us this time, in Argentina, of a 2023 with a lot to do (yes), but with some memorable milestones worthy of celebration. Personally, I like to think of it that way.

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40 years of uninterrupted memory and democracy

And once again, as a teacher, I think They are dates that must be taken to the classrooms. Not only in an act because the “ephemeris” indicates so, but with a constant journey that helps our students to build themselves in active and responsible civic activity.

The reflections and analyzes that we can –we must- promote in educational institutions open up the possibilities of stopping the ball in such a dizzying daily evolution so that we can, all of us, understand the historical processes that our Homeland has gone through so that the atrocities, the horror , genocide, really don’t repeat themselves Never more.

With exclusive material, comes El Diario del Juicio: interviews, tributes and a reliable historical record

It is also true that words like “democracy” or “sovereignty” (thinking about April 2) are difficult words to address and explain to children and adolescents.

In a world that is definitely virtual, but at the same time so tangible -with obsolescence that must be replaced yesterday- delving into words that require such depth in their rather abstract conceptualization becomes a challenge in the classroom.
But it is no less true that Argentina is a country that has always, and I say it with pride, been at the forefront of Human rights.

The celebration (because I hope it will be) of 40 years of democracy is going to take place with the presidential change of command. An election year, we already know, is always critical. But we are in March and there are still many months to go: it would be interesting to be able to trace the path, from the schools, with citizen awareness.

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maybe this March 24thwhich recovers the names and lives of the 30,000 disappeared during the dictatorship, at the hands of a ferocious government, may be the first box to start advancing towards a December 10 that augurs a good future for all.

*Degree in Educational Management and Language and Literature Teaching.

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