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A 3000 BMW cemetery in Canada

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Warning for BMW and Mini fans: this news is not for the faint of heart. Three thousand BMWs have been abandoned in a Canadian port since 2015: the fault of a snow storm.

These are cars that have no hope of getting back on the road. They were, in 2015, just arrived in Canadian land, at the port of Halifax, but they were exposed to salt and humidity after a terrible snow storm that occurred in February 2015. Powerful enough to cause damage to the electrical wiring, to the starter. some Minis and the rack of some BMWs.

Thus the Bavarian brand clearly felt that it would be safer and cheaper to permanently replace damaged vehicles. They were the BMW M4 and 7 Series generation, an M6, as well as a rare Alpina B6 derived from the 6 Series. Today some examples are very rusty. This cemetery is reminiscent of another, that of Bolloré Bluecars in France.


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