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Actress Megan Fox Sparks Outrage in Ukraine with Lip Injection Controversy

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Actress Megan Fox Sparks Outrage in Ukraine with Lip Injection Controversy

After being cruelly compared to an “inflatable doll” in an unpublished photo from the Super Bowl LVIII after-party, Megan Fox found herself embroiled in controversy following her attempt to defend herself from criticism. The image published this Sunday, which highlighted her lips in an exaggerated way, showed the actress with her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly celebrating with the couple of the moment Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Fox, who has previously declared himself very sensitive about his physique, defended himself this Wednesday against negative comments from some users who claimed that he had surgically altered his face, especially his lips, which looked distorted. The actress denied it, attributing the effect to the lighting of the image published by Kelce’s friend, and evidenced it with new photos.

“My God, guys, look how different I… don’t look,” he said ironically on Instagram, showing two snapshots of the party at the Zouk nightclub at Resorts World Las Vegas after the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory. It was the same moment as the photograph released days ago, but from a frontal angle.

He then tried to joke in his caption. “Turns out it was just a quick phone photo where I look like a Ukrainian inflatable doll,” she said before providing a controversial clarification.

“When in reality I look like one of those super expensive real silicone sex dolls that you can only get in Japan,” he said in a smug tone and accompanied the statement with a self-satisfied gesture emoji. Despite quickly denying any surgery, Megan earned new and worse criticism on networks, mostly from Ukraine.

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The Transformers actress’s description soon offended Ukrainian women, who angrily commented: “I’m Ukrainian, do I look like an inflatable doll?”, “I guess xenophobia towards Eastern Europeans is still a Hollywood thing,” and “Ukraine is being annihilated in an unprovoked war. Please, can we focus on that.”

Some comments were more incisive, demonstrating the anger and indignation caused. “I guess the fillers finally got to the brain,” one user cruelly wrote, while another joked about Fox’s country, the United States: “Very funny. Incredible ‘joke’. Who wrote it for you? “Donald Trump?”

Finding herself once again immersed in another cyber dilemma, the Diabolical Temptation star has responded to some of the comments trying to calm the waters. “My God, that’s not what I meant. Ukrainian women are very hot and in my imagination inflatable dolls are. Let a girl make a joke for God’s sake,” Megan wrote.

Throughout 2023, Fox, 37, has spoken openly about her own insecurities and the body dysmorphia she has struggled with, adding a layer of complexity to her defense. “I never see myself how other people see me,” she said in a 2023 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine.

Despite her fame, success and thousands of compliments on her physique throughout her career, the actress has admitted that she has never been completely satisfied with her appearance. She said that from a very young age she had “a conscience” and “obsession” for her image. “There was never a time in my life where I loved my body, never ever,” she revealed.

This Sunday’s celebrations weren’t limited to Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s interaction with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. During the same Super Bowl weekend, the couple, who has been engaged since 2022, also attended Christina Aguilera’s performance in Las Vegas. The singer, who has a residency at The Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip, shared photos of herself with the couple on Instagram after her show.

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