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SADUS – The Shadow Inside

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SADUS – The Shadow Inside

The Shadow Inside
(Thrash Metal)

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: (LP)

Release: 17.11.2023

“Sometimes they come back” – the title of a short story by Stephen King, which originally reads “Sometimes they come back”. That doesn’t sound quite right in the metal business, as pretty much everyone comes back at some point. Be it the renewed creativity, settled differences, lack of money or simply the joy of music. So the two gentlemen from SADUS have at least found their way back into the studio. The official break from 2015 to 2017 wasn’t long, but a total of 17 years have passed since their last output “Out Of Blood”.

But enough rambling, because now we’re going to cut down the wood. What Darren Travis and Jon Allen are serving us here is good, sounds nice old school and definitely lives up to the name SADUS! “The Shadow Inside” shoots for all its worth. The drum kit is mistreated like in the good old 80s, the sound is really rough and mangy and no less pissed off, Darren shouts all sorts of hateful tirades about anarchy, the devil, pain or bloody topics into the microphone. You almost feel like you’re in a thrash time machine when you turn on this album. SADUS still approach things quite technically, but without ever seeming too cerebral, because the main motto is still: shoot, shoot, shoot – and “The Shadow Inside” does that more than officially.

It may be that SADUS were more compelling in the early phase and the fat bass lines of the absent Steve DiGiorgio (including DEATH, ACT OF DENIAL, TESTAMENT) could be missed as the icing on the cake, and yet the Americans have created a fine, fat work here shows a clear upward trend.

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Tracklist „The Shadow Inside“:

1. First Blood
2. Scorched And Burnt
3. It´s The Sickness
4. Ride The Knife
5. Anarchy
6. The Devil In Me
7. Pain
8. No Peace
9. New Beginnings
10. The Shadow Inside
Total playing time: 47:03


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