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Akira talks about the secret of “maintaining marriage” with Lin Chiling (Photo) Romance| Sincerity| Film and Television |

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Akira talks about the secret of “maintaining marriage” with Lin Chiling (Photo) Romance| Sincerity| Film and Television |

Akira talked about the secret of “maintaining marriage” with Lin Chiling. (Image credit: TPG/Getty Images)

Members of Japan’s EXILE Wandering BrothersAkiraandLin ChilingThe marriage will usher in the 4th year. In an interview with a magazine a few days ago, Akira revealed that she enjoys the small daily romance between the two, emphasizing that there is no secret to a long-lasting relationship, onlysincereTreat each other.

When mentioning his wife Lin Chiling, Akira was full of gratitude, especially for allowing him to balance his busy work and family life. “After marriage, she just encountered the COVID-19 epidemic, and she couldn’t come back for a while. In Taiwan, during this time, I can safely go to work outside because she is almost family-oriented and takes good care of the family. I am really grateful to You Zhiling for helping to take care of the family.”

“Love” plays an important role in Akira’s life. He thinks it is the most important thing in his life and the most worthy of his attention. No matter what kind of love it is, instead of blindly waiting for others to give and searching for it without a goal, he believes that as long as you “proactively give”, the so-called true love will naturally appear.

In their marriage statement, Akira said that Lin Chiling always put her family and those around her first, and she was attracted by seeing her put in a lot of love and courage. Akira shared that he is not sure whether he is a romantic person, but the only thing he is sure of is that he enjoys giving without expecting anything in return, and wants to see the moment when his lover shows a happy reaction: “I am a person who likes to do things that make the other person happy. , such as sometimes sending flowers, taking her to dinner, and suddenly giving her different little surprises.”

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The unpretentious happiness comes from the momentary pictures that are taken for granted but easily forgotten. He gave an example. When he opened his eyes in the morning, what greeted his eyes was his beloved wife and children. The sense of steadfastness was more important than any sweet words.

Akira said: “As far as the object of love is concerned, it may be pure admiration, liking, or suddenly becoming obsessed with this person, but when you get married, you must consider that you will spend the rest of your life with the other person, and having children will be difficult. There will be a sense of responsibility, and the state is completely different from simply falling in love. When you decide to get married, you don’t do it just because you want to be happy, but you think about it. , you still want to continue living with her.”

Akira said frankly that after becoming a novice father, he realized that he must continue to grow. In addition to his sense of responsibility, he wanted to be a support for his children. To put children first, the sense of responsibility has relatively increased, including before the alone time with Zhiling, we must first take care of the children. As a father, I hope to set a good example for the children.”

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