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«All dreams still in flight» by Massimo Ranieri

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Already bookable, it will be released on November 23 for Rizzoli. It is the new book by Massimo Ranieri. The title, «All dreams still in flight», takes up one of the lines from «Losing love». The volume announces itself with 16 pages of photographs and a text full of stories. Look out for an amazing career. A rich artistic parable that could be said to be similar to a large well-grown tree, combining enthusiasm and wisdom. Songs, plays, films, are its branches. Leafing through this book it will therefore be interesting to touch, written in black and white, the momentum of Massimo Ranieri’s extraordinary alacrity. To rediscover the constructive impetus, the shrewd sharpness, the courageous imagination, the boundless talent. All prodigiously held together by a quick and daring intelligence.

Reading «All dreams still in flight» it will be useful to remember that in Massimo Ranieri’s work, the characterizing and always present figure is the particular attention, moreover, the dedication to words. He takes special care of the words. He knows the enormous influence they have on the general structure of the show. He knows well that their evaluation starts naturally from the meaning, but must also consider the sound and the close harmony of consonants and vowels, the infinite range of ways in which a word is linked to the others or, vice versa, the unique way in which one word detaches itself from the background, stands out, stands out and becomes an event in itself. In singing and acting Massimo Ranieri reveals and restores the face of the words intact. From the painful one to the one filled with joy, from the one burdened with doubt to that comforted by conquered certainty. Their inescapable raison d’etre is precisely in the brightness that makes them strong or in the gloom that imprisons them. Ranieri actor leaps feline and plush over the words, knots and tangles them just like a cat would do with very welcome balls of wool. As cautious and reckless as a juggler, he makes them spin in the air. It brings out the internal rhythm that animates them. He discovers new meanings for them, mixes them reinventing them with new colors, new music, new meaning.

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Observing Massimo Ranieri in the theater one often gets the impression of having seen him while he was studying the text he is bringing to the stage. One imagines, smiling seduced by the suggestion, that perhaps he places the pages against the light on the glass of a window as it used to be to look at the negatives of photographs. We are led to hypothesize that it is his strategy to steal the secrets of the words that are printed on those pages and that he is thus able to grasp the unexpected, disorienting, problematic trait even in a well-known classic. Which in turn becomes a magnetic fulcrum, a crystalline lattice, a philosophical framework for the piece. Personal risky audacity that the viewer feels right and translates into his own road. Be that as it may, words trust Massimo Ranieri. And this is evident in his interpretations that are based on research and trace the enigma, the irony, the smile. In a generous and profound multilayered speech. Full of sunshine and yet veiled with precious melancholy. It is easy to predict that “All Dreams Still in Flight” will be a labyrinth of paper and ink. A particularly nourishing reading for those who in that maze will accept the challenge of getting lost for a while.

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