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ALL THE REST – Incendium

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ALL THE REST – Incendium

(Deutschpunk | Pop Punk)

Label: Dackelton Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 19.05.2023

A for general relativity to B for beer – all important topics in life. The special thing about this record: in addition to the usual German lyrics for the band, there are also English songs for the first time.

For the tenth anniversary of the band, the Stuttgart-based DER GANZE REST are simply giving themselves their third album “Incendium”.

After the short intro “Cogitatio”, which is also in Latin, like the album title, the quartet starts off with brisk German punk about toxic masculinity and the patriarchy chat in “Alte Weißen Jungs”, before the following “Thank you, Gut” in the direction of pop punk turns.

And especially when the gentlemen show themselves to be angry and political, they know how to be particularly convincing, for example in “Everything Doesn’t Matter”, but mental health and depression are also dealt with in detail in “Feuer” or the already mentioned “Thank You Good” and found appropriately Various telephone numbers for help in psychological emergencies can also be found in the booklet.

Since the quartet is characterized by clever, maybe sometimes a little too pathetic German lyrics, the change to English for some of the songs is a bit surprising and these work, even if they are quite successful like “Stay Angry”, on album length a little out of place.

That not everything has to be dead serious, the Stuttgarters then prove in the sympathetic drinking song “Biersong”, which invites you to shout along and surprises with reggae tunes. While the concluding “Fever” then again sets an angry sweeping attack against racism as an exclamation point.

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“Incendium” by DER GANZE REST is a record full of multifaceted German punk, which is not only fun but also addresses quite serious topics.

Tracklist „Fire„:

1. Thinking
2. Old White Men
3. Thank you Good
4. Sewer Rats
5. Stay Angry
6. If I go now
7. Feuer
8. Don’t be afraid
9. Beer Song
10. Anything
11. ART
12. Our Dream
13. Fever
Total playing time: 36:52


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