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Altarage – Worst Case Scenario

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Altarage – Worst Case Scenario

by Oliver on December 9, 2023 in Album

Altarage the corset of their blackened sludge-infected disso death metal maelstrom is noticeably tighter again than it is Succumb: Absolutely not Worst Case Scenariobut there is still potential for optimization.

The more compact playing time, distilled to just under 37 minutes, does a good job of alleviating the fundamental problem of the band from Spain, but does not eliminate it either: Altarage are extremely good at what they do and, due to their expertise, are not considered among the international figureheads of the genre for nothing. The band’s thick, burying sound is like muddy kerosene and a catalyst for the atmosphere and attitude; the songwriting, with a good sense of dynamics, constructs seemingly disjointed attacks that are less prone to chaotic hysteria than to consciously take manic turns. plan the madness in a well-thought-out and structured way.
What is missing this time, however, is the extravagant pinch of genius, that certain spark of magic that would give the melange the right spice to create truly memorable scenes that stand out from the crowd of genres (which makes the last third of the record a flawless building block -adds flair).

Aside from not doing anything special, Worst Case Scenario doesn’t do anything wrong either.
Enigma Signals rumbles and scrapes with severity, runs brushed against the grain and turns the mangle like a Möbius band, near the portal, but dancing on the rhythmic lightness in the hail of concrete. Case Full of Putrid Stars It seems as if different forces at the steering wheel were actually pulling for the same direction, but were still fighting over the steering wheel – until the accelerator pedal was stepped on together. The vaguely adapted one for the album context Cataract rolls as firestorm heavy into the slo-mo whirlpool twist and Øwork comes across as a deconstruction of a thrash wrecking ball with a steamroller complete with kerosene injection, manically intensifying the pressure with punk and hatdcore fury Gift of Awakening Driven by massive percussion, it cranks its maelstrom out of the strings and then drags itself into the descent to ambient shoals.
At the latest when Verdict There, bathing in the drone until the predictable tarantula stings, it still looks more like a dutiful, by-the-book service that doesn’t allow any blame. Which is still (very) good – but unfortunately never completely outstanding.

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Worst Case Scenario by ALTARAGE

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