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Bypass the car: Jump starter and power bank from Revolt in the test

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Bypass the car: Jump starter and power bank from Revolt in the test

Pearl’s Revolt ZX-3000-675 portable car jump starter can not only start a car when your battery is dead, but also charge smartphones and other devices. Thanks to its compact design, the jump starter can be used as a power bank. The jump starter and power bank also comes with Power Delivery (PD) and a Quick Charge function in version 3.0. PD makes it possible to charge end devices quickly without damaging them.

The intelligent charging technology provides the devices with exactly the power they need. At the same time, the jump starter and power bank also support Quick Charge. This also allows devices that do not support PD to be charged quickly. Not all car jump starters and power banks offer these two technologies, so this is an important plus point for the ZX-3000-675. The power bank also supports pass-through technology. You can charge several devices in parallel and charge yourself at the same time. A flashlight is also integrated into the jump starter.

Design & scope of delivery

The design of the Revolt ZX-3000-675 car jump starter from Pearl appears to be of very high quality. The size of the device corresponds to that of a larger power bank. With grooved plastic strips, the jump starter can be easily carried without slipping out of your hand, for example when it is wet. Despite the sturdy design, the jump starter is quite light and compact, so it can be easily transported.

The weight of 550 grams and the size of 168 × 92 × 38.5 millimeters are manageable. All necessary cables can also be stored in the bag. The connections are protected by a rubber tab that can be easily removed. The Revolt ZX-3000-675 shows the charging status with four LEDs at the top that flash when charging. The included transport case looks just as high quality and protects the device from damage.

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The Revolt ZX-3000-675 vehicle jump starter from Pearl can be used to start cars or motorcycles whose batteries are completely empty. The power bank with integrated jump starter has a capacity of 43 watt hours (Wh) and 12 amp hours (Ah). Devices are charged using Power Delivery, Quick Charge or Pass-Through technologies. The device is certified according to IP68. This makes the device dust and waterproof, which is ideal for mobile use. The charging time at 5 volts and 3 amps input is between 3 and 5 hours.

Included are two USB ports with automatic charging current adjustment. These deliver 5 volts, a maximum of 3 amps and 15 watts or 9 volts, a maximum of 2 amps and 18 watts or 12 volts, a maximum of 1.5 amps and 18 watts. The included Quick Charge 3.0 allows mobile devices to be charged quickly. The power bank charges devices that do not support Quick Charge in the usual way.

In addition to the two USB ports, there is also a USB-C port. This supports Power Delivery, so that modern smartphones and even notebooks or Macbooks can be supplied with power. 5 volts, up to 3 amps and 15 watts, 9 volts, up to 3 amps and 27 watts or 12 volts, up to 2.5 amps and 30 watts are available via USB-C. The included micro USB port is Quick Charge compatible and delivers 5 volts at 2.1 amps.

There is also an LED light that provides the necessary brightness when bridging the battery or can be used as a flashlight. The emergency lamp offers continuous light, strobe light and SOS function. In addition to the power bank, Pearl also supplies the appropriate bridging cable for cars and motorcycles as well as a connection cable from USB-A to USB-C (Type C) and a cable for USB-C to USB-C. Also included is the high-quality transport case with zipper.

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With the jump starter you can start a car or motorcycle even if the battery is completely empty. It delivers 500 amps of continuous power and can deliver up to 1200 amps at peak. Almost all cars with combustion engines can be started with it.


The price of the Revolt ZX-3000-675 from Pearl is around 110 Euroincluding a transport case and modern charging technologies.


The Revolt ZX-3000-675 from Pearl offers everything expected from a car jump starter and power bank. The quality appears to be high, there are enough connections and functions. Standards such as Power Delivery (PD), Quick Charge and Pass-Through also help to charge modern devices. The price is okay considering the performance.

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