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Angel Partners with Xiao Zhan for Water Purification Revolution

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Angel Partners with Xiao Zhan for Water Purification Revolution

Angel Officially Announces Xiao Zhan’s Endorsement to Join Hands to Open a New Era of Water Purification

On April 17, high-end water purification expert Angel officially announced that Xiao Zhan has become a global brand spokesperson, and both parties will join hands to start a new journey for the brand. The cooperation with Xiao Zhan will not only inject new vitality into the Angel brand but also mark an important step in Angel’s brand upgrade.

As an artist who combines acting and musical talents, Xiao Zhan has won the love of fans with his outstanding acting skills, unique charm, and humble attitude. Xiao Zhan continues to break through himself in his acting career, polishing his character image, and becoming a high-profile young Chinese actor.

Angel’s invitation to Xiao Zhan as a global brand spokesperson is not only based on both parties’ pursuit of quality life but also based on the compatibility of both parties’ professionalism and research spirit. Since his debut, Xiao Zhan has continued to challenge roles of different themes on the screen, expanding the possibilities of actors; he shines on stage and sings every piece with heart. Just like Angel, for 36 years, it has insisted on being user-centered, focusing on technological innovation, forging high-quality domestic products, and constantly leading the development of the industry.

On the one hand, it has won the trust and praise of users with its excellent product quality and innovative water purification technology; on the other hand, it has demonstrated outstanding artistic innovation by constantly challenging itself in the entertainment industry and trying different roles and styles. Xiao Zhan’s unique personal style fits well with Angel’s brand image. The unremitting pursuit and practice of professionalism by both parties will be the perfect combination of brand philosophy and personal charm.

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In the future, Angel will join hands with Xiao Zhan to bring more new surprises, jointly convey Angel’s brand concept to a wider range of users, strive to provide global consumers with more high-end quality water purification experiences, and open up a safe, healthy, and fashionable world. Live with clean drinking water.

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