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“Article 20”: A Spring Festival Movie Delighting Audiences with Heartwarming Love Story

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The Spring Festival movie “Article 20” continues to attract audiences across the country, with a total of over 12.43 million moviegoers flocking to theaters. What’s even more impressive is that the movie has achieved a reverse decline for two consecutive days, indicating its growing popularity.

On Valentine’s Day, “Article 20” unveiled the “Noisy and Good Feelings” poster featuring Lei Jiayin and Ma Li, as well as a feature film clip titled “You Just Pamper His Dad”. The poster and clip captured the heartwarming and humorous moments between the characters, adding to the movie’s charm.

Today, coinciding with the fifth day of the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day, “Article 20” released a “Parents’ Love” poster, showcasing the everyday life of a middle-aged couple portrayed by Lei Jiayin and Ma Li. The poster depicts the couple’s playful and loving interactions, resonating with audiences and leaving them with smiles on their faces.

In addition to the Valentine’s Day poster, the film also revealed a clip of the “You Just Pamper His Dad” feature film, portraying the comedic dynamic between Han Ming (Lei Jiayin) and Li Maojuan (Ma Li) as they navigate the ups and downs of married life. Their endearing and relatable portrayal of a noisy yet loving couple has struck a chord with viewers, drawing praise for their portrayal of the cute middle-aged couple in “Lei Li Fengxing”.

“Article 20” has captured the hearts of audiences with its heartwarming and humorous depiction of love and family, further solidifying its position as a must-watch during the Spring Festival. The charming performances of Lei Jiayin and Ma Li have left a lasting impact on viewers, with many expressing their admiration for the endearing portrayal of the middle-aged couple.

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As the movie continues to draw in audiences, it has garnered widespread acclaim and is poised to be a standout success during the Spring Festival season.

Reporter: Li Li
Editor: Shao Ziheng

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