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Bear Infested: The Rise of a National IP in Domestic Animation

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Bear Infested: The Rise of a National IP in Domestic Animation

**Bears appear in Wuhu, Anhui: A Closer Look at the Success of the “Bear Bears” Series**

Another “national-level IP” in the field of domestic animation has quietly taken shape in Wuhu, Anhui. Behind the success of the “Bear Infested” series lies Huaqiang Fantawild, a giant in the domestic entertainment industry.

The box office success of the latest installment, “Bear Infested: Reverse Time and Space”, has surpassed all expectations, grossing over 1.8 billion yuan. This marks a new milestone for the popular animated series, with a cumulative box office exceeding 7.5 billion yuan.

The journey of the “Bear Bears” series began in 2010 when Fantawild’s second theme park, Fantawild Dream Kingdom, opened in Wuhu, Anhui. The establishment of Huaqiang Fantawild (Wuhu) Animation Co., Ltd. paved the way for the beloved characters Xiong Da and Xiong Er to come to life.

The success of the “Bear Bears” series did not happen overnight. Li Bin, general manager of Wuhu Fantawild Animation, shared that the team faced challenges and setbacks before finally striking gold with the lovable bear brothers and their adventures.

The series gained traction in 2012 when the first TV animation series aired on CCTV. Initially labeled as crude and childish, “Bear Bears” gradually won over audiences with its unique blend of humor and heartwarming stories. The dedication and sincerity of the team behind the series shone through, attracting a growing fan base.

As the popularity of “Bear Bears” soared, Fantawild continued to invest in the IP, releasing successful theatrical films like “Bear Bears: Metamorphosis” and “Bear Bears: Primitive Era”. The franchise became a staple during the Spring Festival, consistently performing well at the box office.

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Looking ahead, Li Bin and his team are committed to maintaining the quality and sincerity that have endeared “Bear Bears” to audiences. With production already underway for the 11th theatrical film, the future looks bright for the lovable bear brothers and their adventures.

In a crowded market of animated series, “Bear Bears” has carved out its own niche, capturing the hearts of viewers across China. As the success of the series continues to grow, Huaqiang Fantawild is eager to explore new opportunities and bring more magical moments to audiences in the years to come.

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