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Beauty Weekly 2023 Annual Competition Award Ceremony Honors Outstanding Works in Zhongshan

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Beauty Weekly 2023 Annual Competition Award Ceremony Honors Outstanding Works in Zhongshan

The “Beauty Weekly” 2023 Annual Competition Award Ceremony was a resounding success, with 36 works receiving awards at the Zhongshan Online Press Conference Hall and Overseas Communication Center on April 13. The event celebrated the creativity and talent of photographers and movie fans in Zhongshan, with honors such as the Internet Popularity Award, Excellence Award, and the coveted first, second, and third place awards for outstanding works of the year.

“Meizhou”, a media brand by Zhongshan Daily, was recognized for its efforts in providing a platform for movie fans to showcase their image works and engage in dialogue with readers. Through the platform, high-quality image material resources have been made available for the city’s publicity work, contributing to the city’s visibility and reputation.

The submissions for “Beauty Weekly” have seen a wide range of participation from photography enthusiasts and practitioners in various fields in Zhongshan. The platform has showcased the economic, social, and cultural scene of Zhongshan through its works, illustrating the city’s vibrant spirit and growth.

“Meizhou” has leveraged various platforms such as Zhongshan + APP, “Zhongshan Daily” newspaper layout, video accounts, and social media channels to amplify the reach and impact of its works. The total number of clicks on the submission and voting platforms have exceeded millions, demonstrating the platform’s growing influence.

During the award ceremony, winners were recognized for their exceptional contributions, with the Agricultural Bank of China sponsoring the event and providing support to the winners. Zhang Jianlai, Chairman of the Zhongshan Photographers Association, offered commentary and advice to the top works, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among photographers.

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Looking back on its two years of operation, “Meizhou” has set itself apart with its innovative digital approach, interactive engagement with the audience, and the unique “newspaper + mobile client” model that allows for a seamless interaction with the media. The platform continues to push the boundaries of traditional media and set new standards for creative expression.

The success of the “Beauty Weekly” 2023 Annual Competition Award Ceremony highlights the vibrant and dynamic photography community in Zhongshan, showcasing the city’s rich cultural heritage and creative spirit to a wider audience.

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