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Before the hearing, Britney reported to herself as a “victim of regulatory abuse”_Jamie Spears

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Original title: Britney had reported a case before the hearing and claimed to be a “victim of oversight abuse”

Sohu Entertainment News on the 4th, according to Taiwanese media, “Little Sweet” Britney Spears attended the hearing via video at the end of last month. He wanted to relieve his father, Jamie Spears, from 13 years of supervision and complained against his father. Long-term mental abuse, even forcing a contraceptive device to prevent her from getting pregnant and giving birth, the shocking speech has aroused global attention. “New Yorker” (New Yorker) magazine pointed out on the 3rd local time that Britney had called 911 to report the case the night before the hearing, saying that she was a “victim of oversight abuse.”

The New Yorker quoted reports from Britney’s friends and law enforcement officials. The day before the hearing, Britney reported to 9/11 that she was a “victim of supervision abuse”, but because her supervision lawsuit was still ongoing. , The recording file of this call has been sealed for investigation.

Currently, Britney’s assets are owned by his father and financial management agency Bessemer Trust Co. Joint supervision, she wanted to remove her father’s supervision power from the asset management list, but the judge has twice rejected her previous request and found that Britney “basically cannot manage finances and resist fraud or improper influence.” It is reported that she designated the financial management agency Bessemer Trust Co. She has chosen to remove herself and will no longer work for her.

It is reported that Britney’s mother divorced Jamie in 2002. During an interview last month, she felt that the entire regulatory power incident was complicated and worried about Britney. Related sources pointed out that Britney’s mother believed that Jamie did not tell her the truth and that she was quite worried about her daughter’s supervision status and would help Britney as much as possible next.

In addition, Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears (Jamie Lynn Spears) also issued a statement on social platforms a few days ago, admitting that she has always supported her sister and hoped that she would be happy, and said, “I have not satisfied the public I look forward to supporting my sister in public and on social networking sites, and does not care about her on my behalf.”

In the face of her daughter’s accusation, Jamie finally broke his silence and said through documents submitted to the court: “I have not enforced Britney’s custody in the past two years. I have not spoken to my daughter for a long time, and our contact has been severed. Now.” Refutes outside accusations.Return to Sohu to see more


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