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The “Youth Storm” of England’s Talented Teams Becoming a Strong Team-Xinhuanet Sports

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The England team has embarked on a virtuous track of better and smoother kicks, and has demonstrated four characteristics that have the ability to win the championship.

Xinhua News Agency, Canberra, July 4th, the “Youth Storm” of England’s Talented Team Becoming Stronger

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Dongxing Bai Xu

From the three-back system to the skillful switch of 4231 formation, from the 19-year-old winger Saka who started against Germany to the 21-year-old star Sancho in this first show, the England team under coach Southgate benefited from each position. The personnel reserves of the “post-95s” and “post-00s” and the rise of a group of young players, after every tactical and personnel adjustment, almost can bring about positive changes on the field, which also brings enough With his strength and confidence, he launched an impact towards his first major championship in 55 years.

From the two relatively dull 1:0 wins in the group stage, to the 2:0 victory over Germany and the 4:0 victory over Ukraine in the knockout rounds, the England team has embarked on a virtuous track of better and smoother kicks, and demonstrated Four characteristics of the ability to win the championship.

First of all, the top forward Kane, who won two goals in Rome on the evening of the 3rd, declared a complete recovery. He is only one goal short of the 11 goals scored by his predecessor Lineker for the “Three Lions” in the competition. Next, the key to opening the door to victory.

Second, the team maintained the momentum of zero conceded goals, and the tactical running-in was getting better. Sterling and Kane’s tacit “connection”, Luke Shaw’s precise passing ability on the left, and the adaptation of the defense line led by veteran Maguire to different tactical arrangements, make the team on the basis of a stable defense. Can stimulate due strength in different systems.

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Third, the veteran and the new star cooperate tacitly, and the team has both calmness and impact. Except for the “single arrow” Kane, Sterling who supports him behind him, and the offensive and defensive double defensive midfielders Phillips and Rice, the positions are relatively fixed. Southgate will bring new star-based personnel in the frontcourt almost every game. Variety. In addition to Sancho and Saka, this England team also has 22-year-old Mount, 21-year-old Foden and other frontcourt generalists who have become the main force in the Premier League team. There is also an earlier but only 23-year-old player who became famous. Shford is on the bench, which will bring more frontcourt combinations and make it difficult for opponents to deal with.

Fourth, the value of continuous competition training is being reflected. The “Three Lions Youth Army” won two U20 and U17 World Cup championships in 2017. Southgate’s team stood at a new starting point for the World Cup semi-finals in 2018. This year’s Champions League finals such as Mount and Foden are a group of rising stars. It has become the main force of Manchester City and Chelsea… It can be said that England is the team that knows how to play in the semifinals of the semifinals of this European Championship. The experience of the competition and the continuity of the tactical system are their advantages.

Having written this, I can’t help but think of five years ago in Nice, France, when the England team was upset by the Iceland team in the last European Championship, when the well-known British football journalist Phil McNulty met with reporters in the stadium elevator. Scenes. I asked, “Is it unbelievable?” He smiled bitterly and said, “What’s unbelievable? Do you expect them to have more physical fitness or better skills? Is it possible? This is the game of money and football.” After that, it represented. The voice of the mainstream media in British football came out of his report-“This is the most humiliating defeat the England team has suffered in more than half a century since the 1950 World Cup was eliminated by the United States.”

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On the night of Rome on July 3, McNulty wrote in a column excitedly that since winning the 1966 World Cup, fans supporting England have gone through generations, but for 55 years they have been pessimists because they Experienced too much disappointment. But now, England fans are “brought into an unfamiliar world“, and everyone is immersed in an “unfamiliar feeling”.

This unfamiliar feeling is not accidental. Because with the integration of “fresh blood” and accumulation of experience in the competition, English football, which has a solid league foundation and youth training foundation, is embarking on a virtuous circle of overall rise.

A few days later, at Wembley night, the England team will challenge the Nordic giants who are expected to repeat the “Danish fairy tale” on the home scene. No matter what the result is, I believe that in the birthplace of modern football, in terms of the world‘s No. 1 sport, It will be a good night.


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