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Best Actor Jiang Wanan_Family_Taipei_Politics

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Best Actor Jiang Wanan_Family_Taipei_Politics

Original Title: Best Actor Jiang Wanan


The film tells the story of a young man in the Chiang family who was once underappreciated, who became a political star in Taiwan.

When the children of the same age in the family were shining in the world, he quietly finished his Ph.D. in the United States. Originally, he wanted to stay in a foreign land to be a lawyer in peace and stability, but as the family’s “political incense” gradually disappeared, he had to shoulder the family’s mission and become the only remaining “only seedling” of the fourth generation of the Jiang family in the political arena.

After entering politics, he was handsome in appearance and showed others with a gentle image, but he was very sharp when he was in politics. He once spoke continuously for 2 hours and was named “Standing God”. After several years of experience, he was finally elected mayor of Taipei.

↓Classic lines

“We must bring Taipei back to glory.” ——Jiang Wanan

movie review

Although the film is a realistic film, the plot is full of drama, which makes the audience’s emotions fluctuate with the ups and downs of the protagonist’s fate.

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