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Celebrating the Beauty of Classic Poetry: He Jingzhi’s Poems Recitation Event in Beijing

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Recitation of He Jingzhi’s Classic Poems Held

The Chinese Socialist Literature and Art Society, in collaboration with the “Reading for You” platform, recently hosted the “He Jingzhi Classic Poetry Recitation” in Beijing. The event, which was a celebration of the tenth anniversary of the “Reading for You” platform, showcased the art of reading and singing while interpreting classic chapters such as “Descendants of the North”, “Life”, and “Back to Yan’an”.

Renowned reading theorist Xiang Jianxin served as the general director of the reading meeting, where artists including Qu Xianhe, Zhang Junying, and Wang Keyi used their talents to bring He Jingzhi’s classic poetry to life. The event also featured performances of popular songs such as “Southern China”, “Niwan”, “White-Haired Girl”, and “Fan Shen Dao Qing”.

The recital seamlessly integrated reading and singing, demonstrating the timeless charm of He Jingzhi’s classic poetry and modern recitation art. The event received unanimous praise from the audience, who were captivated by the beauty of the recitations and the artistry on display.

In addition to the live audience, the recital was also broadcasted live, allowing a wider audience to experience the beauty of recitation and the enduring power of classic literature. The event served as a reminder of the profound impact that poetry and art can have on individuals, showcasing the importance of celebrating cultural heritage and artistic expression.

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