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“Chasing Dreams”: ACFTU Art Troupe’s Original Industrial-Themed Musical Premieres in Beijing

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A seminar on the original industrial-themed musical “Chasing Dreams” was held in Beijing

By: Tao Wen

On March 26, the stage rehearsal and expert seminar of “Chasing Dreams”, the first industrial-themed musical originally created by the ACFTU Art Troupe, was held in Beijing. It is understood that the musical was recently selected into the list of projects funded by the National Arts Fund and will premiere in Beijing in late May this year.

The event first showcased the staged rehearsal results of the play, with some actors performing multiple plot clips. Chen Jiaquan, deputy director of the Creative and Editing Office of the ACFTU Art Troupe, and Yi Jie, chief director of “Chasing Dreams” introduced the relevant situations of the play respectively.

Judging from the play excerpts and the existing plot synopsis, “Chasing Dreams” consists of three main acts, a prologue and an epilogue. It tells the story of Chen Yuhong, the protagonist of the independent research and development project of China’s high-speed rail locomotive, leading the railway builders to overcome career and career challenges step by step. There are many conflicts and difficulties such as family, cooperation and competition, as well as technological blockades and pursuits from other countries, and finally the story of the Chinese railway people successfully finding their own path. From learning from foreign countries in exchange for technology with the market, to overcoming difficulties and limitations to launch the “Fuxing” independently developed by China, and then continuing to set off towards the distance… This musical shows model workers through the growth history of Chinese railway workers. The spirit, labor spirit and craftsman spirit are inherited by blood.

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At the subsequent seminar, the main creative team introduced the creative background of “Chasing Dreams” to the participants, the script creation and arrangement, and related progress in music, stage design, lighting, visual design,…

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