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China Post and Shanghai Translation Publishing House co-branded From Letter to Book, Opening up New Childhood Memories-新民网

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China Post and Shanghai Translation Publishing House co-branded From Letter to Book, Opening up New Childhood Memories-新民网

China Post and Shanghai Translation Publishing House co-branded From Letter to Book, Opening up New Childhood MemoriesFly into the homes of ordinary people

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Jin Zhigang) Recently, a postmark issued for the first time in the image of an original Chinese children’s literature character was officially launched at the post office in the birthplace of the Communist Party of China. “Co-branded customized commemorative stamps. Readers, big and small, who were full of anticipation heard the news and came to the post office early in the morning to wait in line. Thousands of first issue stamps were sold out immediately after they were released.

Caption: Photo provided by the interviewee at the philatelic product sales site (the same below)

This time, China Post and Shanghai Translation Publishing House have joined hands to carry out a “Renaissance” that establishes communication between readers and writers through letters. Letters from young readers have always been the treasures of writer Qin Wenjun. In 1993, “Boy Jiali” was officially published. Up to now, thirty years have passed. Generations of readers have told their love to the writer mother of “Jiali Jammeh” in the form of letters, and the way they write records With the changes of the years. When the book was first published, more than 8,000 letters flew to Qin Wenjun like snowflakes. At that time, they were still written with fountain pens, with heavy handwriting and occasional ink spots; later, many children would write with ballpoint pens, with deep and shallow strokes. , one stroke at a time; up to now, there are many people who write with pencils, and Teacher Qin bluntly stated that some letters are more scribbled, and the questions are bolder.

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Caption: Before the publication of the new book, Teacher Qin also wrote down her thoughts to the young readers

In the letter, they showed full trust in the children’s literature writer, and opened up to her about their growing pains—maybe they didn’t have a gentle mother like Jerry, and their mother was like a The “bad queen” gives him a lot of homework every day; it may be that I can’t find a close friend, and I am very sincere to my friends, but my friends are very snobbish and caressing; How to express it… The children left Teacher Qin with thousands of questions, but it can always be seen from them that the children hope to get more love and warmth.

Of course, “being urged to update” is also a fate that a beloved writer cannot escape. In the letters, the children will also eagerly plead with the writer mother of “Jari Jammeh” to write more of their stories. Some young readers even felt that Mr. Qin wrote too slowly, because they couldn’t wait any longer, so they created the sequel themselves.

Caption: Commemorative stamp

It is these letters that give the writer infinite motivation, spur and inspire Qin Wenjun to pick up the “flash pen” again and continue to write for the children. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the publication of “Jerry the Boy”, this brand new work “The Confused Buddies–Jari’s Childhood” is released, which reveals the story of Jiali’s primary school stage for the first time.

In the name of the letter, delivered by the letter. It is the letter that closely connects this great writer with the young readers who love her all over the world. After reading “Jiali the Boy”, many children wrote to Qin Wenjun and said: “The Jiali you wrote is me.” Now that the story of childhood has been published, Qin Wenjun is also curious to know who else is as lively as Jiali when he was a child, With so many secret thoughts, look forward to hearing from many more.

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Caption: online shopping

In order to encourage young readers to feed back the latest reading experience to the author through letters, if you purchase the book “Confused Brothers–When Jia Li was a Child” online, you can get a custom-designed book jointly designed by China Post and Shanghai Translation Publishing House. Confused Brothers—Jia Li When I was a Child” commemorative postage commemorative envelope and postmark, and there is a chance to grab the book signed by Mr. Qin Wenjun.

Caption: commemorative postmark

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