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China’s 100 billion domestic films account for 64 seats_Box Office_Market_Theme

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China’s 100 billion domestic films account for 64 seats_Box Office_Market_Theme

Original Title: China’s 100 Billion Films Domestic Films Account for 64 Seats

On the first day of 2023, the box office of the movie “Avatar: The Way of Water” in mainland China officially broke through the one billion mark, becoming the 100th billion-dollar film in Chinese film history. On the same day, the Maoyan Research Institute released the “Inventory of 100 Billion Movies in Chinese Film History”, analyzing from multiple dimensions such as box office data, origin, subject matter, and schedule distribution, and using data to review the 13 years of Chinese film history that have continued to rise.

Domestic film reverse overtaking

In 2010, the box office of “Avatar” exceeded one billion, opening a new era of single-film box office in mainland China. Then in 2012, “Lost in Thailand” also set the first billion-dollar box office for a domestic film. From 2015 to 2017, China’s film market developed rapidly, and domestic films achieved a trend of keeping pace with imported films; in the next two years, the single-year growth rate of domestic films with a billion yuan per year surpassed that of imported films, completely widening the gap; in 2020 and since the resumption of work, the In the past three years, the growth of one billion films is mainly based on domestic films. As of the time when “Avatar: The Way of Water” broke the billion mark, among the 100 billion-dollar movies, 64 were domestic films (including co-productions), and 36 were imported films.

The three major domestic genres each lead the way

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As the three major genres of local billion-dollar movies, the achievements of action, fantasy, and comedy in billion-dollar movies can provide a glimpse of the current prosperity and difficulties of Chinese film development. In 2016, the box office of “Operation Mekong” exceeded one billion, which led to the resurgence of the theme of “military action”. In the ranks of blockbusters, the two “Changjin Lake” series took 9.8 billion, and also upgraded the action theme to the list of top domestic heavy industry movies. As a popular theme in the Chinese film market in the early years, fantasy themes have also faced the dilemma of aesthetic fatigue in recent years, but films such as the sci-fi adventure film “The Wandering Earth” and the animated fantasy film “Nezha: The Devil Boy Comes into the World” have achieved super box office, which proves that It shows the tolerance of the Chinese film market for high-quality content. At the same time, the Chinese comedy film industry has successfully undergone a transition from old to new, and Happy Twist and Twist comedians have become the leading force in the market.

Intensive production of one billion players in the four major schedules

With the continuous development of China’s film industry, four major time slots have been gradually formed, divided by the Spring Festival in February, the summer in July-August, the National Day in October, and the Lunar New Year in December. Except for 2015, which is currently the largest Spring Festival file, there have been three billion-dollar movies in each of the past six sessions, and the single-film record has also reached 5 billion from 3 billion in 2016. As an earlier film schedule, the National Day file has produced one billion movies for 9 consecutive years since 2014, which has promoted the continuous increase in production capacity of the National Day file.

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The “most” of the 100 billion-dollar movies in Chinese film history

In the “Inventory of 100 Billion Movies in Chinese Film History”, the “Most” of the billion-dollar movies is also counted. The highest movie; “Detective Chinatown 3” is the fastest one-billion-breaking movie, the highest IMAX box office box office of domestic movies, the highest pre-sale box office and the highest first-day pre-sale box office; and “Wolf Warrior 2” with the highest number of viewers , “Let’s Wrestle!” Dad”, “Titanic” with the longest film length, etc.

“Inventory” also made a more detailed analysis of hundreds of billions of movies. For example, according to the analysis of moviegoers, “Ip Man 4: The End” has the highest proportion of male audiences, and “Young Boys” has the highest proportion of female audiences. “You” and “You are a teenager” are also the youngest movie with a billion-dollar average viewing age, and “Shuimen Bridge of Changjin Lake” is the oldest average viewing age. From a geographical point of view, the Northeast region prefers comedy movies represented by Happy Twist, while the South China region prefers Hong Kong movies mainly in Cantonese.

Since 2014, the contribution of movies with a box office of one billion or more to the annual box office has continued to rise, driving the annual box office to break through a new level of 10 billion. An effective way for continuous expansion.

On the first day of 2023, the 100th billion-dollar film in Chinese film history will be ushered in. In the context of the gradual recovery of the film and television market, the number of one billion films is bound to usher in a more rapid development.

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