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Collective crime: the first suspect said he is innocent and there is a second detainee

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Collective crime: the first suspect said he is innocent and there is a second detainee

A second young man was arrested this Tuesday for the crime of Daniel Barrientosthe bus driver of line 620 murdered with a shot to the chest while working on the La Matanza party. The Police apprehended him while the driver’s funeral was taking place and the statement of the prime suspectwhat He said he was “innocent”.

According to what the agency reported telamthe young man would be familiar Alex Gabriel Barone, the 19-year-old defendant who was arrested this Monday, although another version rules out the relationship. The new operation was carried out by members of the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) of La Matanza, in the town of Gregory of Laferrere.

According to the authorities, the second detainee is 24 years old and works doing odd jobs. He was accused of “homicide criminis causa (to kill to hide another crime) and aggravated robbery by firearm”like Barone, who this afternoon was investigated by the prosecutor Gastón Duplaá, belonging to the Homicide UFI of the aforementioned district of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

Daniel Barrientos, the murdered driver.

Declared Alex Barone: “I am innocent”

During the investigation, the defendant gave his version of the facts and denied participation in the crime while saying he did not know the perpetrators of the crime. “I am innocent,” he stated before Dr. Duplaá.

On the other hand, provided the password of his cell phone that he is kidnapped in the power of the prosecution and assured that at the time the crime occurred, he was at home. This situation will be something easy to prove, according to he commented she, due to the image of a security camera in the place.

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Barone works as a taxi driver and, according to his story, He went to take a passenger and continued with his workday. The woman could be summoned to testify to verify her version. while, the young man will continue to be detained and waiting for the prosecutor with the evidence he is carrying out to determine whether or not he was related.

Collective crime 20230404
The second arrested for the murder of Daniel Barrientos.

The bus driver’s widow claimed that they did not let her enter the wake and the daughter came out to answer her

The reason that so far incriminates the young driver is a positive recognition given by one of the witnesses who was bus passenger that Barrientos drove -who was close to retiring- and which the criminals wanted to rob.

On the other hand, after the troops apprehended the second suspect, looking for two other people who is supposed to have participated in the crime that took place at kilometer 41 of Route 3, in Virrey del Pino. According to the official version, the driver was murdered by two robbers who got into the intern he was driving, while allegedly two other accomplices They were waiting for them in a car.

“They needed to catch some parsley”

Alex Barone’s sister referred to the accusation against him and also stated that he is innocent. “He was working he was at my house all night. There are the cameras in the garden where you can see that my brother’s car and my brother were at home all night,” she added.

No test. it’s a parsleybecause instead of looking for who really killed the driver of the 620 line, they grabbed my brother,” the woman said in statements to TN.

Farewell to the remains of Daniel Barrientos.

In the same way, Melisa, the young man’s sister-in-law, expressed herself: “With the pressure they had from above with all the mess that took place yesterday, they needed some asshole and he crossed them“, he said in reference to the protest carried out by colleagues and relatives of Barrientos, in which they attacked the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni.

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“The kid gets up at 6 to work and returns home at 12 at night. He has a remises agency that they set up with the other brother. The car that is kidnapped belongs to my partner who sold it to him in installments so that he can have his capital,” added the young woman. “It’s nothing like what they say,” he stressed in contact with radio with you.

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