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Colongan invitations and holidays to Jakarta [Part II]

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Colongan invitations and holidays to Jakarta [Part II]

Wandering the streets of Jakarta, took me back several years. When I pass this road almost every day. Although many things have changed, the memories remain the same.

Read the past story I first here.

Coming home from the invitation, Indri and I had many plans. He looked at the Kemayoran house, where all this time only his bachelor (Seno) had left him alone, and he said he was rarely at home either. Then I want to stop by at the mall for a while. But please, we are so tired, O God

In the invitation to chase Ammar who chases the cat, especially Indri who wants to eat it’s hard to do, the children are all sleeping. Then my husband and I are still very sleepy because we just slept for a while, right?


Drop by Indri to Jagakarsa, continue on to Depok and tidoorrr. Even on the way, we want to buy rujak, we are too magher. Yeah!

Vacation to Ragunan

Masya Allah, this is a very memorable place for me and my husband. They used to date here all the time, wow. Do you run around Ragunan in the morning, or don’t you rent the bike that you ride together, you know, what’s it called? Tandem bike?

All the way to Ragunan, he always smiled, especially starting to enter Jalan M. Kahfi II around Setu Babakan. Another place to date, until I have Wafa. Take a duck boat, continue to snack on egg crust. Wafa is still small, once a year. Eh, now it’s just a girl, kid. It reminds me of my age when it turns out I’m (want to be) old. Mwehehe.

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So along the way there was a combo between smiling to myself, and saying to my husband “Wow, this place is so different now, isn’t it”, “Hmm, it’s still the same”, and saying to the boy with the opening sentence, “That used to be huh….( then continue the story)” 😂

We went to Ragunan via the west door, but for some reason the parking lot was really full, gaesss, in the end we were directed to park at the east door. And after that immediately started walking, but….


I don’t know if I forgot the path or I was confused, so how come we kept going north, the road was very quiet to the group of animals that weren’t popular like that (poor), like ostriches and various other birds. And right then we left with Nafi and her children, but Sul didn’t go. He wants to do futsal first, so he wants to follow later.

So when he finally called, he entered through the west door and asked us to meet him near the giraffe enclosure, we got lost and couldn’t find any help. The feet are so excited, they are tired while calming the children who are also frustrated because they want to see famous animals like elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and so on.

That’s when we open Google map, look for directions to the giraffe enclosure or the west door. It’s true that this is the head, even though he claims to be a colony. Nothing even strayed everywhere. Sad~

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