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Come to understand the prosperous position and zodiac fortune of 10/8-11/6 (map)

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Come to understand the prosperous position and zodiac fortune of 10/8-11/6 (map)

The northwest is the most favorable location for popularity, peach blossoms, and pregnancy during this period. (Image credit: Pixabay)

cold dewAs soon as it arrives, the time comesgengxu monthFeng Shui NumerologyI hope you all know thatOctoberAuspiciousness that needs to be grasped inpositionwhich are, and twelveChinese ZodiacWhat is the fortune. Next, I will explain to you one by one.

Northwest bearing

This is the most favorable position for popularity, peach blossoms, and pregnancy. People can place vases in the northwest, and hold some water and arrange some flowers. The windows on the northwest side should be bright and wide open.

Southwest orientation

Southwest Italy jobs, promotions and promotions. During work, you can choose to sit against the wall in the southwest, or place dragons and horses in the southwest.

due east

Zhengdong is prosperous to seek wealth, account, and fortune. Since water is wealth, it is possible to place water-related objects on the financial position, including fish tanks, hydroponic plants, etc.

Northeast orientation

The Northeast is good for interpersonal relationships, noble people and cooperation. People can place auspicious green plants in this direction.

For the twelve zodiac signs, feng shui numerologists also have relevant suggestions, as follows:

People born under the zodiac Rat need to work hard and guard against villains, and be careful of what is right and wrong; people with the zodiac ox will get the icing on the cake during this period, and they can do whatever they want in their development; people with the tiger zodiac should continue to work hard. But you must pay more attention to avoid setting up too many enemies; people with the zodiac Rabbit, when they encounter a strong noble during this period, need to go all out in handling things; people with the zodiac dragon will face choices, and they must keep in mind that they should be calm when encountering things; Snake people can maintain a happy mood during this period, but they must pay attention to the excessive peach blossoms.

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People born under the zodiac horse should continue to keep a low profile; people born under the zodiac sheep need to pay more attention to their physical health and be aware of others; people born under the zodiac monkey will develop fatigue during this period, remember to control your emotions and avoid ups and downs. People with the zodiac rooster need to move forward steadily and can seek advice from various parties to prevent the villain from making trouble; people with the zodiac dog need to strive for leadership and pay attention to health and safety issues; people with the zodiac pig need more rest to reduce the risk of trouble. Pressure, you can try to stabilize the treasury.

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