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concert #53: bar italia @ b72 | November 15, 2023

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concert #53: bar italia @ b72 |  November 15, 2023

The hype band “Bar Italia” was at B72 – and performed with an overdose of coolness.

I had an incredible amount of stress that week – both mentally and mentally. Not everyone around me understood my beloved “leisure stress” and I constantly had to explain why concerts were so important to me. And that’s probably why I wanted to go to B72 all the more that evening. And I wanted to go to B72 because the hype surrounding the band “Bar Italia” was boiling over at that point – and checking out the hype that was currently happening is my specialty!

I got there early and secured a spot right at the front. Arriving early was a good decision because the B72 was sold out and filled up incredibly quickly. Soon there was actually a lack of space in the very front corner. But despite all the circumstances, I was incredibly happy and grateful to be able to stand in the B72, because I love nothing more than standing in front of a stage, feeling the crackle in the air and waiting with anticipation for the musical program (well, only if that wait doesn’t take too long).

at some point “Italian bar“The path through the audience directly to the stage. The five-member band barely fit on the podium and at first glance they seemed incredibly cool. Especially the woman in the middle, with striped tights and high heels, conveyed first-class quality. The set started with the song “polly armour”, the band not only maintained their cool, but also added focus and concentration.

The music reminded me a bit of “The Notwist” but also of some indie bands from the 00s – fast drums, cerebral, melancholic, sometimes wry but soft vocals and a clanging string instrument. I definitely felt like I was in good hands, was able to drift away mentally for a bit and, above all, enjoyed the sound of the guitars. Friends who also stayed with me in the front corner weren’t as impressed. Probably also because the sound at the front wasn’t optimal – the speaker box was hanging above our heads and didn’t bring the sounds directly to our ears. But we had a good view!

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The very young audience present rocked along, closed their eyes and silently merged with the band. And silent is a good keyword: “Bar Italia” didn’t speak a single word. They played song after song, but refrained from any interaction. At the beginning that underlined her coolness and aloofness, but at some point it also became a bit annoying. How are you supposed to build a connection with a band if there’s nothing memorable other than music?

My thoughts about the lack of communication and interaction were soon blown away when the group started blasting their hits out of the speakers, including my favorite song “Nurse!”. In fact, that was the silent announcement that the set was coming to an end. They then ended their concert with the number “Glory Hunter”, briefly breathed “thank you” into the microphone and disappeared into the crowd and then into the backstage area. and then the evening was simply over, short and painless.

On the way home I asked myself whether this was a concert with added value? rather not. and whether his hype was justified? Definitely as a pure album band, definitely not as a live band. And yet I enjoyed the concert; despite everything, it was a good escape from my everyday life.

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