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concert #57: moncrieff @ the work | November 24, 2023

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concert #57: moncrieff @ the work |  November 24, 2023

“Moncrieff” brought a big pop show to the small Viennese factory!

In autumn 2022, as part of the waves festival, we took note of “Moncrieff” for the very first time. He put on such a great performance at Chelsea that it was absolutely clear: if he came back, of course we would be there again! And then he actually had a tour stop in Vienna, in the tiny factory.

We all actually knew that the venue and the associated stage would be far too small for such a big artist. And when we arrived at the factory that evening, this tiny podium in the corner seemed even smaller than usual because so many instruments were placed on it. Well.

The musical program in the packed work began with “quietman“, who sang all alone at the keyboard and gave you goosebumps. Of course, always alternating with a large portion of humor, because he always told extremely entertaining anecdotes in between. For a brief moment I thought, let’s just let Moncrieff go and listen to Quietman all the time instead… but in the end he left the stage at some point and made room for his successor.

and then at some point scurried “moncrieff“ onto the mini stage and sang his first song “what am i here for”. Immediately, from the first second, there was an extremely good atmosphere: all the musicians on stage as well as all the people in the audience were very motivated and immediately united! We sang together, danced together and felt together! And then Moncrieff next thrilled fans with the hit “Ruin” – a slight squeal was heard in response! In addition to all the positive vibes, the tiny stage was probably also the focus of everyone’s thoughts – wouldn’t it fall down anyway? Would he feel comfortable on such a small stage? what else could you expect?

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I was particularly impressed by his dedication and his passion: again and again he went down on his knees, again and again he put all his feelings into the performance and again and again he danced like crazy! And the microphone stand was also used as a means of expression, namely whenever he decided to whirl it around. During the hit “Like I Do” he also looked as if he wanted to hug the entire audience!

Of course, that wasn’t all: a little later he took off his shirt and covered the Avril Lavigne song “I’m with You” and he also jumped off the podium to bathe in the crowd and sing together with everyone. During “Love Somebody” he threw a balloon into the audience and quite regularly there was an obligatory sea of ​​lights and of course speeches!

All the prerequisites were there for a great show and it was actually a great show with an incredible number of hits. Only the space and the small stage were a small thorn in the side. But what isn’t can still happen and I know that we will be there again at his next concert in Vienna – even if it will take place in a storage room!

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