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Dance Drama ‘Breaking Ice’ Pays Tribute to Anti-Drug Police Officers

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**Breaking Ice: Beijing Opera and Dance Theater presents the first anti-drug-themed dance drama**
By Han Xuan

A dancer turned his back to the audience and slowly walked towards the darkness deep in the stage. Not far away, a row of dancers in police uniforms stood solemnly, raising their hands in a solemn salute. Seeing this, the Tianqiao Arts Center Grand Theater burst into warm applause, and tears welled up in the eyes of many viewers…

Recently, the large-scale original dance drama “Ice Breaking” produced, produced, and performed by the Beijing Opera and Dance Theater under the Beijing Performing Arts Group was performed to the public for the first time. As my country’s first anti-drug-themed dance drama, “Breaking Ice” brings to the stage the story of two generations of anti-drug policemen who braved hardships and risked their lives to tear apart the underground drug network, interpreting the life of anti-drug policemen’s “I turn my back to you because I face the darkness” motto.

“Ice Breaking” is adapted from the popular TV series “Ice Breaking Operation”. The theme is taken from the real cases of the “Thunder Anti-Drug” series. It uses Dongshan City Public Security Bureau’s anti-drug policeman Li Fei and his son as the main clues to tell the story of Li Fei and his father – an undercover agent. The story of Zhao Jialiang, not afraid of sacrifice, working together to eradicate the Tacun drug manufacturing and trafficking group.

Directed by young choreographers Huang Yunsong and Wang Zhenbing of the Beijing Opera and Dance Drama Theatre, the dance drama “Ice Breaking” condensed 48 episodes of the TV series into a compelling stage performance. The creative team faced the challenge of selecting key plot points and characters to create a cohesive and impactful narrative.

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The dance drama creatively uses body language to portray the intense emotions and struggles of the characters. Through stylized group dances and symbolic movements, the story of cracking down on the drug syndicate is brought to life on stage. The visual elements and choreography highlight the complexities faced by anti-drug police officers in their fight against drug crime.

One of the standout features of “Breaking Ice” is the use of a symbolic “door” on stage, representing the separation between light and darkness. The contrast of bright and dimly lit scenes on either side of the door underscores the inner turmoil and external challenges faced by the characters. The imagery of the door serves as a metaphor for the sacrifices and struggles of the anti-drug police in their mission to protect society from the dangers of drugs.

The creative team behind “Breaking Ice” aims to shed light on the dedication and bravery of anti-drug police officers through their innovative storytelling and expressive choreography. By presenting the harrowing realities of drug enforcement through dance, they hope to raise awareness and appreciation for the tireless efforts of those who work to keep communities safe from the scourge of drugs.

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