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“Dragon Family” Releases New Trailer

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“Dragon Family” Releases New Trailer
“Dragon Family”

Sina Entertainment News, Beijing time on August 2nd, according to foreign media reports, the “Game of Thrones” series spin-off drama “Dragon Family” released a new trailer, “The Targaryens are closer to gods than humans.” The story line of this drama of “the succession of the throne, the contention of weapons, and the roar of dragons” was also unveiled. Brother and daughter, who will be the next king? “Women can’t sit on the Iron Throne. This is the rule.” “When I become queen, I will create new rules.”

Focusing on the story of the Targaryen family, the show draws closer to a new epic saga involving its famous bloody civil war “Dance of the Blood Dragons”, set back more than 200 years ago. Adapted from George R.R. Martin’s book “Fire and Blood”, co-developed by Martin and Ryan Condal, 10 episodes in the first season, the director includes multiple episodes of “Game of Thrones” such as “Battle of the Bastards” and “Wind of Winter” “Director Miguel Sapochnik et al, which airs on August 21.

The cast includes Matt Smith (“Doctor Who”) as Prince Daemon Targaryen, the king’s younger brother, heir to the throne, a warrior & dragon rider like no other in the blood of a true dragon, “but it is said that Every time a Targaryen was born, the gods tossed a coin into the air.”

Olivia Cooke (“Player One”) as Allison Hightower, daughter of “Hand of the King” Otto Hightower, the most beautiful woman in the Seven Kingdoms, who grew up in the Red Keep, Close to King Viserys and his circle of confidants, he is both gentle and elegant, yet intensely politically adroit.

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Emma D’Arcy (“Truth Seeker”) as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, the king’s first child, a pure blood Valyrian who is also good at riding dragons, “many would say she was gifted But not a man.”

Paddy Considine (Blood, The Outsiders) as King Viserys Targaryen (Viserys I), chosen to succeed Jaehaerys Targaryen, a warm, A kind, decent man who wants to carry forward his grandfather’s legacy, but a good man may not be a good king.

Steve Toussaint (“Prince of Persia: The Blade of Time”) as “Sea Serpent” Collis Valerian, a great navigator.

Rhys Ifans (“The Amazing Spider-Man”) plays the knight Otto Highto.

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