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“Dune” film review: first-class space science fiction epic! | Dune | Sand Dune Critic | Sand Dune Battle

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[Epoch Times September 17, 2021]A space science fiction story with a story stage spanning multiple planets can be said to be a film and television theme that will never go out of fashion. It is adapted from the movie “Dune” (Dune) from the novel of the same name. Successfully constructed a very creative worldview, with high-level storytelling and entertainment, enough to write a new page of success for such topics.

The background of the story is that there is a planet named Erakos in the universe that is rich in important materials “spice.” The ruling power was transferred from the Harkennen family to the Yatridi family. For the Yatridi family, it can be said to be a dangerous gift. The Harkennen family will not give up on the source of wealth. For the two important characters of the Yatridi family, Paul and Jessica , The nature that awaits them in the future is by no means easy.

“Dune” stills. (Provided by Warner Bros.)

On the narrative level, the film has successfully shaped many of the settings of the story, such as why the mineral resource of spice is so important, the environment of the spice producing area of ​​Erakos, the indigenous Fremans of the planet, etc. The elements of plot development can be rationally interpreted in the film. Even for audiences who have never read the original novel, it is not difficult to establish a sufficient concept of the worldview of the film.

As the subject of space adventure, “Dune” has sci-fi elements that have naturally become a highlight of the movie. Regarding the shaping of spaceships and flying tools, it is generally possible to show enough creativity. Many spaceships can effectively show the grandeur of super-large battleships; a kind of aircraft used in Erakos, the shape is more similar to that of certain insects. wonderful. This kind of aspect can effectively show the level of special effects, so that the film can have good artistic value on the level of science fiction.

“Dune” stills. (Provided by Warner Bros.)

Aristocratic setting similar to the Middle Ages has become an important feature

The setting of the noble family is also an important feature of the film. The work itself can be said to draw on the characteristics of the feudal society in the Middle Ages in Europe. In addition to prominent titles such as Baron and Baron, he also possessed many retainers and private armies who were loyal to noble lords. In the futuristic space theme, the timely integration of the settings that may appear in the costume dramas naturally makes the film more creative.

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The film’s depiction of the two families is a strong sense of contrast. The many plots in the story can make the audience naturally feel that the Yatridi family can be regarded as an example of aristocratic virtue and aristocratic spirit, from family leaders to Paul Key characters such as Jessica and Jessica can all show positive images; the atmosphere shaping, words and deeds of the Harkennen family when they appear on the stage can naturally exude evil atmosphere and conspiracy colors. The comparison between the two can quickly establish an atmosphere of opposition between good and evil, and the two major families’ successive control of the planet Elakos, under this premise, can be shaped with more dramatic tension and more turbulent undercurrents.

“Dune” stills. (Provided by Warner Bros.)

Regarding the characterization of the male and female protagonists Paul and Jessica, “Dune” can also show a sufficient level. The relationship between the two important characters is mother and son. The first opponent scene is just an ordinary breakfast time, but it will soon be in Paul personally. With the blessing of abilities, it becomes no longer ordinary, and even adds a layer of fantasy to the movie. Paul will have foreseen dreams, and even see phantoms and other settings, which can further strengthen the particularity of the character. These elements also become the elements that create the highlight in the progress of the plot.

In a trial arranged for him by his mother, in addition to the certain dramatic tension of the trial process itself, the related process also strongly reflected the personal background of the heroine Jessica. As a member of the special group sisterhood, The special abilities inherited to his son can render the character’s mystery and charm. The role of Paul’s role has become more attractive because of his mother Jessica’s background. Now it is not just the successor of the Yatridi family, but has a larger positioning, making the future direction of the role more attractive. .

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“Dune” stills. (Provided by Warner Bros.)

There are many challenges in ruling new territories

The Yatridi family officially arrived on the planet Eracos and began to rule the local area, which is the highlight of the movie. The relevant plots can be reasonably appreciated even in the stage of laying out. Some dramas can reflect the decency of the Yatridi family; some dramas can reflect the characteristics of the Freeman nation and create dramas related to differences in customs; some content Through the elements of science fiction, the Harkennen family’s unkind side is further reflected, laying the groundwork for the plot. Many aspects of the description and arrangement can make the story of the film appear full and solid.

The drama of spice mining has also become an element of creation in “Dune”. The drama can show the sinister environment of the planet Eracos. A ferocious monster lurking in the desert can create variables for the mining of spices. . The movie makes reasonable use of the monster element. Although the scenes that show up are strictly limited, it effectively uses the sense of unknown to create an atmosphere. When the real face is revealed later, it can show the powerful courage of the behemoth and make the film on the scene. Make a deep impression.

“Dune” stills. (Provided by Warner Bros.)

A drastic change concerning the fate of the Yatridi family is a major turning point for the film. The plot arrangement of the film also has a good texture. A drama related to an elite army can add a courtly atmosphere to the work. Disputes in the film are no longer purely focused on the two big families, and the pattern can be broader. A scene in the palace of the Yatridi family can effectively render the disturbing atmosphere, successfully portray the threat lurking aspect, and make the destiny of important characters more emotional.

The full-scale battle of the war brought the pattern of a big battle to the film. In addition to the scenes created by the commercial blockbuster pattern, the form of the war is also quite distinctive, including space science fiction themes and elements from ancient costume dramas. The former is reflected in the fierce bombardment of spaceships, while the latter is reflected in the fact that the two soldiers do not use firearms but blades when confronting each other, which can reflect the sense of futuristic and classicism in war scenes. It can be said to be a distinctive feature of “Dune”. feature.

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“Dune” stills. (Provided by Warner Bros.)

There are many things to watch for how mother and son get out of trouble

The fate of the male and female protagonists has also become the main thread that affects people’s hearts. How should the mother and son stand up from adversity? The shaping of the film contains multiple aspects, and there are many things to watch. The special abilities shared by the two of them now play a key role; the aspect of transportation makes the scene more attractive; the plot also contains certain twists and turns, which can be seen for several times between encountering danger and being saved, which brings tension to the drama. There is a basic guarantee.

Elements related to the Freemans also became a key element in the film’s direction at the end of the film. The encounter between Paul and the Freeman woman Quan Ni was enough to leave a potential foreshadowing of the role relationship; the mother and son met the Freemans for the first time The disputes caused by the time allowed the actor to usher in a reasonable growth curve in the film, and a reasonable temporary ending for an unfinished story, which can be called a successful ending arrangement.

Through the creative setting and the excellent shaping of the destiny of the Yatridi family, “Dune” successfully made this space science fiction work very fascinating, laying a good start for the long series of works, and giving this film a chance to become A huge space epic with considerable weight in the history of film. ◇

“Dune” stills. (Provided by Warner Bros.)
“Dune” stills. (Provided by Warner Bros.)
“Dune” stills. (Provided by Warner Bros.)

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