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Dwayne Johnson “scares away” Emily Blunt’s “Jungle Cruise” is almost out of play?

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Disney’s latest movie “Jungle Cruise” was officially released. The starring Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramírez and Jack Whitehall attended the online press conference and talked about the movie, which was full of jokes.

At the beginning of the press conference, the host politely stated that the name of the four people did not need to be introduced, but Dwayne Johnson naughty said that Emily Blunt needed a grand introduction, and the four immediately laughed. In addition, the host also said that he heard that there are many nicknames in the crew, and Emily started to give examples like Jackamole, Jacktion-man, Sweet chips, cupcakes, etc.

Then, the host asked the reason why Emily Blunt had “dodged” Dwayne Johnson-Emily said that she was “scared” at first because Dwayne Johnson also recorded a special video in order to persuade her to play this role. She joked that she also had to be a little reserved, and Dwayne Johnson was so proactive that she was almost “scared away”!

Apart from jokes, it is not difficult to feel the joyful atmosphere and good feelings between the four people, which is also one of the keys to a good effect of a movie.

Returning to Jungle Cruise rides Dwayne regains childhood memories

Disney+ provides

The movie “Jungle Cruise” is based on the classic amusement facility Jungle Cruise in Disney’s amusement park-imitating the water guide boat trip of the Amazon jungle, allowing players to become explorers and explore the mysteries of the Amazon jungle.

The film press conference invites all actors to take the classic Jungle Cruise again. Dwayne feels particularly warm when he boarded the ship again, and memories of last year came to his mind.

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A collection of funny, exciting, warm and touching, Jungle Cruise is now available in movie theaters and Disney+ all over the island for a fee.


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