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Edward Achour Paris Unveils its Stunning 2024 Spring/Summer Collection in Hangzhou

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Edward Achour Paris Unveils its Stunning 2024 Spring/Summer Collection in Hangzhou

Edward Achour Paris Unveils 2024 Spring/Summer Collection in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, China – On August 24, French fashion brand Edward Achour Paris showcased its highly anticipated 2024 spring and summer collection in Hangzhou. Attendees included prominent figures from domestic fashion media, renowned opinion leaders, and fashion buyers, who gathered to witness the elegance, beauty, and playfulness exuded by French women.

Edward Achour Paris, founded by French designer Edward Achour in 1970, is built upon the belief that elegance is a gesture and romance is a spirit of affection. With an exceptional design talent that emerged at a young age, Achour began creating his own series of works at the age of 16. He further honed his skills through collaborations with renowned Parisian fashion designers, Yves Saint Laurent and Ji Longxue. Today, Achour continues to actively engage in fashion design, showcasing his unique vision of Parisian women.

The brand is characterized by an attention to detail, luxurious fabrics, and impeccable tailoring, which offer women a sophisticated yet playful personality. The collection features jackets transformed into dresses, adorned with bows and ruffles that add a touch of fantasy and playfulness. Chunky tweeds are intricately embroidered with sculptural florals or blended with vibrant threads, contrasting with lighter frilly maxi dresses.

The strict tailoring of the garments emphasizes good proportions and finely structured silhouettes, without compromising comfort. Waistcoats, long coats, and jacket trouser suits maintain a sense of fashionable looseness. Pastel colors and classic Parisian black and white are combined, as Achour reimagines and idealizes the wardrobe of the Parisian woman. Designed in Paris, the silhouettes embody a fusion of flair and tradition, reflecting the elegance of Parisian women while preserving their personality, tradition, and modernity.

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Design excellence is at the forefront of Edward Achour’s artistic approach, catering to women who appreciate elegant clothing and exquisite craftsmanship. The brand’s focus on elegance rejects ostentatiousness, instead emphasizing intelligent luxury. Edward Achour Paris is writing a new chapter in French style.

The release of the 2024 spring/summer collection in Hangzhou marks an important moment for Edward Achour Paris, as it solidifies its presence in the Chinese fashion market. With its commitment to elegance and refinement, the fashion brand continues to captivate the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.


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