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WhatsApp Introduces AI Stickers Feature for Quick Creation and Sharing

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WhatsApp Introduces AI Stickers Feature for Quick Creation and Sharing

WhatsApp is continuing to enhance its messaging platform with new features, and the latest addition being tested is AI Stickers. This new feature will allow users to quickly create and share stickers within the app.

The news of WhatsApp’s testing of AI Stickers comes after the recent update that allowed users to have multiple accounts on the same device. The Android Beta update includes the AI Stickers function, as seen in a screenshot shared by wabetainfo. When the keyboard is activated, users will notice a new “Create” button in the texture options. Selecting this option will prompt the user for a description to generate the sticker. WhatsApp will then generate a set of AI stickers based on the entered description, and users can choose which ones to share during a conversation.

This new feature is made possible by the security technology provided by Meta. Users will have control over the stickers generated by AI, allowing them to report any stickers they find inappropriate or harmful to Meta. However, it’s important to note that the ability to create and share AI stickers is currently limited to a small group of testers who have installed the latest WhatsApp Android beta update. It is expected to expand to more users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp’s continuous expansion of features shows its commitment to enhancing the user experience and keeping up with the evolving messaging trends. With the addition of AI Stickers, it provides users with a fun and creative way to express themselves through stickers in their conversations.

In other reports, WhatsApp has also recently introduced multiple account login support and a new group management feature with a confidential reporting mechanism. These updates demonstrate WhatsApp’s dedication to providing its users with a safe and versatile messaging platform.

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For more information and updates on WhatsApp’s new features and updates, users can visit wabetainfo as the source for this exciting news.

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