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enable a new distributor on Circunvalación avenue, on the road to San Carlos

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enable a new distributor on Circunvalación avenue, on the road to San Carlos

It will be enabled this Thursday a new transit interchange about ring road: the O’Higgins-Camino a San Carlos avenue, on the southern area of ​​the city of Córdoba. So far, two other distributors have already been inaugurated: those located at the Juan B. Justo-Ruta 9 Norte junction; Rancagua-Route A 174 on the way to Colonia Tirolesa.

In the sector where the new distributor opens to traffic, it is estimated that 2 million vehicles circulate annually. The investment, according to the Province, was 1,750 million pesos.

Circunvalación de Córdoba: how the distributor of the Camino a San Carlos will work

“The realignment of the interchange consisted of the construction of new access branches and loops, the doubling of O’Higgins avenue in the junction area over the Circunvalación, the construction of a new bridge parallel to the existing one, as well as the readjustment of the same, and the construction of roundabouts at the intersections with the collectors both on the internal and external side”, they stated from the Province.

San Carlos transit distributor, which connects the Circunvalación with Avenida O’Higgins. (The voice)

Ricardo Sosa, Minister of Public Works of Córdoba, considered that with the habilitation of this work “the displacement in the southern zone to and from the center of the city will be facilitated” and stressed that it is not an isolated work, but part of a plan that was drawn up with Caminos de las Sierras to complete the entire road complex around the Circunvalación avenue.

“This is a work that was done with Caminos de las Sierras and the Government of the province to finish enabling what is the Circunvalación as a whole. We began with the closure of the avenue, with the construction of the remaining 17 kilometers. Then, it was advanced in the third lane, throughout its entire journey. And now come the qualification and readjustment of the knots, which double the transit capacity. To this, in addition, we add the construction of 15 kilometers of collectors, which once the rollers are finished, will configure a complex transit for the residents of the city of Córdoba, but also for those in the interior, because it will be possible to access the avenue from the four cardinal points, always on highways and going up to Circunvalación in these distributors, eliminating the problems generated by left turns, which triggered traffic jams”, detailed Sosa.

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deliberative Council

The works were executed and financed by the company Caminos de las Sierras “with funds from the collection of tolls” and “are part of the intervention plan in five distributors of the Avenida Circunvalación de Córdoba scheduled for the years 2022/2023 as well as the paving of 15 kilometers of collectors”, complementary works to the closure of the ring and the construction of the third lane in the direction of circulation and new bridges on the avenue, detailed the official sources.

“This work is paid for with the surplus obtained by Caminos de las Sierras from the collection of tolls, which is reinvested in works that improve circulation and transit,” said Sosa.

city ​​of cordoba

With the new distributors, the income increases the vehicular traffic capacity, with two directions in each hand.

“The five works are aimed at solving the capacity problems of the intersections, improving connectivity between different neighborhoods and sectors of the city and speeding up the crossing on the Circunvalación”, they founded, in turn, from Caminos de las Sierras.

In addition to the expansion works already authorized, the works that join Valparaíso avenue and Route A 104 on the way to San Antonio and Capdevila avenue – Route A 112 on the way to Santa Rosa are still underway.

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