Home Entertainment Enter the Nissan Metaverse, and for you the “plugless electric” will have no more secrets

Enter the Nissan Metaverse, and for you the “plugless electric” will have no more secrets

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Enter the Nissan Metaverse, and for you the “plugless electric” will have no more secrets

ROME – “A new virtual communication space, in addition to the physical one, where we can give further visibility to the brand and to all our exclusive technologies destined to change the way we travel”: this is how Marco Toro, president and managing director of Nissan Italia, has greeted the landing of the Japanese House in the metaverse. A separate world within the Internet, connected to the real one of the showrooms and dealerships of the House, where anyone can access at any time and from anywhere in the form of an Avatar, via a special link, using a device connected to the network (computer, smartphone or tablet).

Ariya, X-Trail, Juke and Qashqai: the axes that make Nissan happy

by Paolo Rossi

“It is an immersive experience, continues Toro, which will give the opportunity to get to know the e-Power in detail, for example, discovering all its advantages”. That is the revolutionary system by Nissan, available today on the X-Trail and Qashqai models, which allows you to drive an electric car without worrying about recharging. In fact, it takes advantage of a small petrol engine, optimized in operation so as to reduce consumption and emissions to a minimum, which is responsible for generating energy, stored in a battery and destined to power an electric motor which is the only one connected to the wheels of the car, capable of traveling over 1,000 km with a full tank.

The Metaverse according to Renault, when digital helps the car of the future

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by our correspondent Paolo Rossi

To experience it and to score goals on the green carpet of zero and low environmental impact mobility is now also the Lazio and National striker Ciro Immobile who drives a Qashqai e-Power and acted as an exceptional testimonial at the inauguration of the Nissan metaverse , A metaverse within which it will also be possible to receive, speaking vocally or via chat, all the information relating to the various models in the manufacturer’s range, knowing their availability, characteristics, versions and fittings. Up to choosing the ideal car and then quickly finalizing the purchase in a dealership.

Pietro Meda: “Motorcycles in the Metaverse: the Eicma model will amaze you”

by Paolo Rossi

The possibilities of the metaverse are, therefore, endless. “Inside, Marco Toro always says, there will be surprises to amaze visitors and make Nissan a brand ahead not only on paved roads but also on virtual ones”.

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