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Exploded and cut with Huang Xiaoming’s company, Yang Ying quietly switched to a new owner | Yuekai Entertainment | Marriage rumors

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[Epoch Times November 22, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) Yang Ying (Angelababy), who originally belonged to the same company as the actor’s husband Huang Xiaoming, was discovered a few days ago that she has quietly transferred to a new owner. On the 18th, when “Yuekai Entertainment” forwarded Yang Ying’s post, fans left a message saying that they hoped that the two parties would cooperate happily and urged “Yuekai Entertainment” to strive for better job opportunities for Yang Ying.

On the 18th, “Yuekai Entertainment” posted a series of photos of Yang Ying wearing white chiffon and other dresses on Weibo, which attracted the attention of many netizens.

According to Lu Media’s “Netease Entertainment” report, Yang Ying originally belonged to “Easy Star Media” founded by her husband Huang Xiaoming, but since the contract expired in 2020, she chose to leave and manage the brokerage affairs by herself. One year later, it was reported that she had formally signed a contract with the new owner “Yuekai Entertainment” and became the younger sister of Yang Yang, Song Qian, Wu Zun and other artists.

An entertainment reporter broke the news on Weibo that Yang Ying has been more active when approaching work recently. The reason behind it is that “without the big tree Huang Xiaoming, a lot of resources have to be obtained by herself”.

Yang Ying debuted in Hong Kong as a model, and later became popular in the mainland. Especially after marrying Huang Xiaoming, the outside world thinks that her resources have suddenly increased. After graduating from non-acting majors, she has starred in many TV series. Almost every work will have a high degree of attention, but word-of-mouth and attention are not very proportional. , Was teased by mainland netizens from time to time.

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After marriage, Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying frequently show affection, but after Fan Bingbing’s tax turmoil in 2018 and many artists in the entertainment circle were interviewed by the Chinese Communist Party for tax reimbursement, the couple rarely appeared on the same stage, so the marriage was frequently reported by the outside world. Although both parties responded through the staff as “fake news”, they have been unable to stop the speculation, so that after the news of Yang Ying’s transfer to the new owner was exposed, many mainland netizens still predicted that “the two will soon Announce the divorce”.

In fact, Yang Ying mentioned the reason why she rarely fits with Huang Xiaoming in the mainland variety show “Life in Adventure” hosted by Aya in 2018, but this detail seems to have been ignored by the outside world. At that time, she explained the reason and said that she was unwilling to live in the “greenhouse” provided by Huang Xiaoming, and did not want to be labeled as “Huang Xiaoming wife” and “husband treats her well”, and did not want to be said to be because of her husband. Gang Lin only became popular.

When Huang Xiaoming celebrated his 44th birthday not long ago, he happily shared a gift made by his son for him, and called out “the best and most heartwarming”. Although Angelababy was not seen by his side, many fans found that Huang Xiaoming was sitting in the photo. In front of a big Pikachu standing card, holding a Pikachu-shaped cake in his hand. Pikachu is a cartoon character that Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming both like. Such small details were interpreted as “flashing in the air”, and fans called Huang Xiaoming and his wife “so sweet”.

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