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Exploring the Beauty of Rural Culture: The Rise of Rural Variety Shows

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Rural variety shows have gained significant popularity in recent years, as they convey the beauty and cultural value of the countryside. These shows have become a part of the rural revitalization process, effectively tapping into rural cultural resources and showcasing the intrinsic power of rural development.

In the past, variety shows focused on urban life and trends, often featuring celebrities and promoting urban culture. However, a new trend has emerged with variety shows “going to the mountains and countryside” to highlight the farming landscapes and cultural heritage of rural areas in the new era. Shows like “Longing for Life,” “Treasure-like Countryside,” “Shop on the Cloud,” and “Farming” have captivated audiences by showcasing the beauty of agriculture, the rare landscapes of rural areas, the practical actions to revitalize the countryside, and the involvement of young people in farming.

The popularity of rural variety shows can be attributed to the rediscovery of the charm of rural life and the urbanites’ desire to “return to the countryside and live there.” While urban life may be fast-paced and stressful, rural life is seen as simple and slow. Many people long for a connection with nature and the tranquility it offers. While they may not be able to experience it personally, they find solace in immersing themselves in the “paradise” created by these variety shows. The emotional value provided by rural variety shows comes from the unique value of rural culture, which was previously overlooked. The return of this value through literary and artistic creations has resonated with audiences, providing a sense of ancient and gentle healing power.


Rural variety shows have also evolved over time. They no longer just focus on pastoral scenery and delicious food, but also emphasize the hard work and connection to the land. Participants in these shows, mostly city-dwellers with no agricultural experience, are now fully involved in every aspect of field work. They put in the effort, sweat, and patience required in farming, allowing them to truly experience and understand rural culture. “Returning to the garden and living in the fields” is not just an escape from the fast pace of the city, but also a reevaluation of life philosophies that emphasize down-to-earth values. When these experiences and thoughts are conveyed to the audience, it subtly encourages more young people to pay attention to and join rural areas.

The popularity of rural variety shows has not only captivated audiences, but it has also opened doors for literature and art to contribute to the development of farmers. By leveraging the exposure brought by these shows, characteristic villages have become new tourist destinations. Places like Zhangbi Castle in Jiexiu, Shanxi, and Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang, Guizhou, have utilized the traffic generated by variety shows to develop their tourism resources and enhance the overall experience for visitors. This showcases the potential of “variety shows + cultural tourism” in rural areas, activating rural cultural brands and facilitating industrial revitalization.

As rural revitalization continues to be promoted, it is crucial for creators to continue producing interesting and meaningful rural variety shows. By injecting vitality into rural revitalization efforts and encouraging the integrated development of urban and rural areas, these shows play a significant role in promoting the cultural function and overall progress of rural areas.

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– Liu Zhen

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